Thursday, May 24, 2007


Aksar zindagi mein hum
kai khwaab sajaate hai,
aankhon ke daaman mein aksar
kai deep jalaatein hai,
andheron se anjaan..
apne hi khwaabon mein
zindagi si ek mehfil
sajaaye jaate hain.

chalte chalte zindagi mein
naa jaane kab raahon mein
andheron mein hum
yu kho jaatey hai...
unhi sapnon ko bech kar
andhere mitaaney lag jaatey hain
aur aksar unhi bujhey huye
chiragon ke sheeshe
aankhon se lahu bahaatein hain...

aur bas yunhi aksar,
chandd samjhautey jo kabhi
bas kuch zarrey theyy zindagi ke...
aksar zindagi hi ban jaatey hain.

-Pushkaraj Shirke


  1. you've become better at it :) but you never pay attention to your typos now do you??!!

  2. i am complete wid my errors........
    i love them as much as i love the most amazing person in my life... coz however they maybe... they are what define me.... they are what make my life MINE.
    i know its not the RIGHT thing. but RIGHT and WRONG never matterd to me.... its what my heart BELIEVES IN that does.

    its me. as i am. with the missing pieces of my life.

    [maybe i will work on the typos someday.... someday]

  3. Hi :)


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