Monday, February 23, 2009

The Lovers

Title: The Lovers
Medium: Water colours + Ink + Acrylic + Markers
Lost in an embrace that lives a lifetime. Breathing life into each other as the heavens breathe life into them. The lovers are inseparable - as the nascent, singluar life and the fluid, multiple, everchanging cosmos.

- Pushkaraj Shirke

Thursday, February 19, 2009

What the recession really fucked.

I don't give a fuck about the RECESSION. What bothers me is the MORAL RECESSION that it has triggered.

I'm not a guy who bothers much. The fact is with time, I've grown the ability to react to situations only when they really bother me. Take the recession for now.
The world has gone Ga Ga about it. Oh my god! recession!! oh crapp!!! recession. etc etc shit.
Ask them what the recession really is and all they'll probably say is that markets have crashed. What the fuck do they actually understand about the recession? The answer is ZILCH.

Looking around I find that the Recession has become just a great excuse for the SHIT within. It has only magnified the mediocrities of men. Given heartlessness and miserliness a reason.

What? How?
Companies have cut off people in the name of recession. Companies that were till now paying their communication agencies in gold to make those very people "feel like family".
You are giving up people who gave up better pastures coz it felt like family being with you. You are cutting off people you conveniently beguiled into believing that you actually cared.
How very fucking interesting. I really, really love your family affairs.

People are cutting costs in the name of recession even when it hasn't hit them one bit.
You find even your local businesses wanting to pay you less for your services - in the name of recession! I had my mechanic wanting to charge me more for a servicing - KYONKI RECESSION HAI SAAB. SAB MEHENGA HAI! What the fuck! what next - my laundry guy or the maid??? I randomly wonder does even the dark alley prostitute use it for a bargain?

When people are not cutting down on their services, why are their clients are finding a reason in recession to squeeze the shit out of them by offering to pay them in peanuts!!!

Turn on the TV and you'll find random politicians ranting about the recession. I wonder how it doesn't affect the cars they bloody travel in and the morchaas they fucking take out. How it doesn't cut their campaigning costs. I wonder how it propels them to develop ETHICAL IDEOLOGIES that link so called characterless youth to economic trends. damn!! get these guys to take up teaching economics or something!! The potential of my country's untapped ideological treasure astounds me. Give me glasses someone.

The recession may or may not have affected the common man directly, but it definitely has affected his mediocre mind. Its propelled it to a new level of hypocrisy.
But you know what, ENOUGH CRAP. The next time some one throws the godamn recession crap as an excuse, I'm going to be the naive, 'i don't know about the world idiot' again and just let a finger do the talking. (mIm)

....Because seriously speaking, recession or no recession, my conscience, my work and my integrity comes WITH NO DISCOUNT.

- Pushkaraj Shirke

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

60's Tripping - Glass Print

Title: 60's Tripping
A trip back to the living it loud 60s. a non-existent nostalgia for the days of free love, acid, living pinks and pastels. Peeking into my life and room from a lit glass window.
Medium: Glass Paints + Markers on Glass
Note: this piece is on transparent glass - the white paper in the background has been put so that every detail can be visible.


Title: LuneStream
A Psychedelic rendition of the Moon and the Cosmos. An attempt to capture the melting unision of space and being into timelessness on a 'trip' of ecstacy to outerspace.
Medium: Water Colour + Poster Colour + Acrylic Paints

A Compilation of My Fitness Photography Work

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