Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Single parenting. oh damn!!!

The day begins at about 8 in the morning - there ios this big white furry thing on my bedside thats pushing me. the paws kind of tickle. and then it comes--- licccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! thats big wet tongue slaps an alarm across my face and io wake up to these two stoopid little button eyes staring at my face.. as if asking me to wake up and smell the.. well - dog food!

I pull the little idiot back into bed, put one foot over him, pull the mattress back in shape and just pack in a little of my sleep back again. WOOOOF! there hje goes again! and now he's gonna be jumping all over me till i give in - i know that for sure!
A few minutes later a groggy, bedheaded me is pouring that PEDIGREE crap into his bowl and poof! its vanishing even before i look again!
Im off for my bath and now he's loaded!!!!

' What goes in, has to come out! ' before the most dangerous law of nature comes into action i got to get going! I slip into whatever my hands find in the cupbuoard snap my fingers at the little jumping jack "diego, lets go!"
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSH! he's out of the bloody door even before i open it to the ends! running down the stairs, stopping, looking back at me for approval and running down again. JUMP! JUMP! JUMP! SCAMPER! RUN! RUN! damn! the kid is crazy! within a moment he is all over the compound just letting off steam before he lets out the call. By the time i reach the gate it bears his signature already. It's kind of amusing - the relieved look on his face when he signs the gate!
Stage 1 is over. Stage 2 begins.
I dunno what is it with him, but he's just got to build up enough pressure before he bombs away.
You can see people walking by the edge of the road while this godzilla pup of mine runs havoc over the street. chasing every cat he lays his eye on and barking at the dog thats 5 times his size (shhhh! dont tell him thats a cow, he thinks its a dog that never barks!)
and ah! he stops. looks around. and right in front of the neigbouring colony's gate - BOOOOOOOOM! radioactive waste finds home!

25 minutes later we are home again. I grab him by the ears. wrestle for a while. and yup, im off to work, barking off instructions to the maid on my way to work. CRAP! im late again!

It has been a crazy day a work. A great time at the gym. and im back.
The door opens to barks! human and creature alike. A long list of complaints of what my son's done all day gnaws at my ears as i take off my shoes and head to my room.
Holy shit of sweet swearing jesus!
the room is a ruin! pillows on the floor, the cotton on the fan, new clothes are now sans the NEW, the bedsheet has an improvisation that can be termed as a leg hole, the shoes have an extra strap, my cds are now in portable pieces of 2 and 3's, the cd rack is a piece of modern art, the paintings i made are much more modern than when i left them, the phone charger is now a 'do it yourself' set, the paint bottles are broken and theres a new look to room floor.. and walls...
and yes! oh, there he is!
A god damn multicoured breed of dog that i swear i have never seen before!!!!! (but for those stoopid eyes that just look as confused as they did in the morning)


3 hours later the room is back to normal again. The night stoll is done and we are back home again. As i put off the lights, really bloody tired and crawl into bed... damn! he makes it there even before i do!
I just make a little place and put myself there. and this furry little godzilla licks me again - i dunno why it fels like he's saying sorry dad, but i love you too.
yeah, its kinda "i love you TOO" coz he knows for sure that i love him all the time.
and i just grab that idiot again. kiss him goodnight.
and tired as hell i fall asleep.

and so does he. 'Diego' - The little furry godzilla of a dog. Son to the most stoopid single parent of allllll time.

darn! i love him!


  1. Wonder who is the partent and who is the silly kid here

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww tht was jus soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  3. man! i fell in love with the dog and the post about this Mr. Diego..

  4. Dear Lord, you spoil him. I hope he's fine though and in good health. Problem is, when you try to be strict with them and they look back at you as if they are the most innocent angels on earth. Having had street pups of my own, I understand the feeling. A dog makes you responsible, patient and caring. And undoubtedly a better human being. :-)


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