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Star Wars : A New Analysis

Star Wars : A New Analysis

It's been 35 years since the first Star Wars movie had released in 1977 and in no way have the movies become dated or irrelevant. With new CGI additions and 3D releases, Star Wars is still a cash cow.
It's become common in popular culture to hate the new star wars trilogy. Some say it raped their childhood memories, some just can't get past the spaceships and Jedis (how are they fans of the series again?)  

But having seen numerous badly written over hyped and rushed movies in the past decade, such as

1. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 : we all know how much this movie sucks. For the third film in a so far spectacular trilogy it was a huge let down!
2. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 : who made this movie? And why is he still alive!

3. Spiderman 3 : Sam riami took a dump on SONY and we the audience got stuck watching a jive dancing peter parker!

So coming back to the topic, Star wars episode 1 is said to be very weak on the script and story front. But most people are missing the subtle undercurrent here. An evil power grabbing emperor sets in motion his plans to rule the entire galaxy. How does he do this? With a simple conflict. This conflict escalates like a domino effect into full blown war in episode 2-3.  So instead of seeing episode 1-2-3 as a simple adventure movie, if one can see the clever way in which Lucas has managed to integrate a intergalactic political tale into a seemingly shallow action movie.

So why should we care? 

Well it’s the equivalent of writing The Godfather mixed into a rich fantasy world like The Lord Of the Rings.  That’s rather impressive if you think about it, since the only subtext that is there in LOTR is the evil lord wants his ring and he isn't getting it! 

Has no one done it before or after?

Sure, the game of thrones is a world set in fantasy with more politics and evil thrown in than the Borgias!  So yeah George Martin (another George… hmmm) might be smarter than George Lucas. But does Game of thrones have insane action set pieces made to please rabid fans which involves light swords ? Guess not.


Rather than seeing the movies for a kiddie action flick, if we can see how one single event can cause a ripple effect and change the lives & fates of an entire galaxy, we can see a whole new level on which this series is operating on. Sure there are 2 love stories, few comedians, noble nights and evil war lords all thrown in for good measure and we still complain that these movies are LAME ? 

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