Saturday, April 21, 2012

What is Truly Beautiful?

I had to lash out at the stupid perceptions of beauty modern media has generated. So went ahead and wrote and designed this little poster postcard for some of the most amazing and beautiful women I know.

Beauty and its perceptions change from time to time. but the current media perpetuated ideals of beauty are downright unreal and most disturbingly - unhealthy. Thanks to that we are now looking at a whole generation of women and men idealising skinny, bulimic, anorexic, unfit body structures as the epitome of beauty - which btw are seriously altered via multiple means never disclosed openly - the most commonly known and least harmful one of which is PHOTOSHOP.

Women and men alike need to realise that no matter what era you are in, there's one form of beauty that never ceases to mesmerise and add quality value to your life - a healthy and fit body, an intelligent mind and a kind heart.

Pushkaraj Shirke
PS: feel free to share the poster with a friend who could use it.

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