Monday, December 22, 2008

Catalysed by Conflict

F^#@ offff!!!! $%#$$%##!!!!
Crasshh !!! Banngg!!! Get the F#^k out of here!!!!
Godddammnnn helll!!
I look back at all the years gone by and i can't help but see or rather hear vividly how the best of changes have come about. Whether love or hate, good or bad, beautiful or ugly - it all all grown or perished, catalysed by conflict.

As a person, the first reaction to any conflict has most often been rage, anger, dislike and intolerance. When i look a it closely, its quite the same in nature - When u exercise, your muscles fatigue, you feel like giving up, you want out.
BUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU KEEP AT IT. What happens when you face the conflict instead of running away from it? Two possibilities face you: Either you adapt or develop a new perspective and grow.... or you fail to do so and stunt your growth or degenerate.

The way i see it, Conflicts are like a protein - They are the building blocks of the body IF the body is able to digest it, Breaking down the body, if not. (FYI Snake venom is nothing but protein - so strong that it starts digesting the body that is unable to break it down and digest it).
And the best part is, the more conflicts you face, just like a nutrient, the more you are able to handle them, process them and derive nutrition out of them! the more you can grow!

From my own experiences, across all spheres of life - physical, emotional, intellectual, i have found conflicts to be the one 'definite source' of growth. Whether it is about standing up against what is 'wrong' as a 10 year old, about doing the homework i hate the most, about working with a colleague i don't get along with, about loving someone who has ideas that are worlds apart, about living the way you want to in a society that wants you to blindly conform - It has only helped me grow. Grow in terms of my conviction of my beliefs, grow in terms of opening my mind, grow in terms of learning to accept appropriate change, grow in terms of a person who has discovered the key and willingness towards perpetual growth.

Definitely there is a dark side to conflict - in case it becomes too much and too frequent for you to handle, it can break you down. It can deteriorate relationships. It can end great things. It can cripple you! So it doesn't really make sense to go out of your way searching for conflict (unless you are ready to put it a risk - and lose it all). The best way seems to be to take it as it comes, along YOUR way. Along your chosen path. If and when it arises, deal with it - grow through it, or end it. And when you are beyond it, you'll be most thankful; for it.

In my weird little strange life, that's exactly how it has been. And I'm most thankful for it all. Are you too?

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