Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kalaripayattu - The basic (gruelling) routine

Here's how a normal routine at the kalari class is going (and killing the hell out of me!):

1. Warm up and stretching exercises
2. Jumps (front and side)
3. Single front kicks
4. Front kick + Back kick + Turn
5. Side kicks
6. Slap kicks
7. Front kick + side kick + slap kick
Snake Movements & Katas:
8. Front kick + Sit
9. Front kick + Sit + Defend and turn + Sit + Defend and turn + Sit
10. Circular d+ Vertical chop (x4)
11. Circular d+ Vertical chop + Horizontal chop (x4)
12. Kalari Namaskar (namaskar + defend + namaskar + right kick + namaskar + left kick + namskar + sit + Aasan + Hanuman namaskar + Garuda namaskar + Lotus + Back step stretch + Defend + Left kick + namaskar + Right kick + namaskar + Left kick + namaskar)
13. Lizard Walk
14. Stretches
15. Cool down excercises

By the end of it, its draining, i sweat like a pig and drenched to my bone (major understatement), parched even after consuming a bottle full of water, and feeling like i've just given my body the best possible workout that it could have attained. Absolutely fabulous.
Looking forward to many more gruelling practice sessions in the future :) Wish i can continue this all the way - for years together!

In my next note, i'll put down my obeservations of Kalari as compared to the other martial arts i've learnt. It is shockingly undifferent in many senses!

Till then, Ciao!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A deviation to Kalarippayattu - The mother of all martial arts

Kalarippayattu - the art of war in session
An early legend in martial arts tells the tale of a South Indian Pallava prince turned monk named Bodhidharma (also called Daruma), believed to have lived around 550 A.D. The martial virtues of discipline, humility, restraint and respect are attributed to this philosophy.

The Shaolin Monastery was built by the Emperor Xiaowen of the Northern Wei Dynasty in AD 477. Buddhabhadra (called Batuo in Mandarin), an Indian dhyana master becomes the first abbot of the Shaolin temple.

A shaolin monk in practice
KALARIPPAYATTU is considered the origin of all martial art forms across asia. From Shaolin Kung Fu, to Japanese Ninjitsu to Korean Taekwondo. All of them have been derived from this ancient Indian art. Given a chance to learn this art was one thing i just couldnt let go.

So, to hell with my fitness regime for the moment. Right now I'm on a crash course in the mother of all martial arts. And i must say its killing me with exhaustion - JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT :)

Will keep you posted on the proceedings :)

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