Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Shawshank Redemption: the greatest film ever to NOT win an Oscar

I got to admit, the first time i laid my eyes on this movie, being a typical teenager, i stayed tuned purely because of the first sex sequence - expecting a raunchy way to spice up a boring afternoon. Little did i know i was about to be hit by the most spiritually orgasmic experience that a movie ever delivered.

Past the first few scenes as the movie trodded ahead, the story kept on moving in a very slow but engrossing way. As much as i thought i'd want to change it - i found myself unable to. And i sure am glad i didnt.

Shawshank, is the story of Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins). A successful banker who is sent to Shawshank Prison for the murder of his wife and secret lover. It is in the prison that the whole movie develops into an experience. Andy's experiences in prison, his friendship with the prison 'fixer' Red (Morgan Freeman), his undying spirit, his passion for life, his courage, his determination - all come together into one great lesson of what life is all about.

The movie is paced in a way that every emotion finds time to sink in and grip you on the inside. It's definitely not one of those you can watch with a huge gang of friends while you are busy throwing popcorn all over eachother. Watch it when you can delve into the movie and im sure, it shall touch a chord within you that spells INSPIRATION. Watching Andy being pushed to the edges, watching the helpless of the prisoners, feeling the absolute and corrupt power of the system and the eventual outcome and triumph of the human spirit - it all makes us feel something of life that we have always felt around and within us. It makes us FEEL - the most important thing a movie can ever do to a viewer.

Surprising is the fact that this movie never won an Oscar. If you have seen it, you'd know what i mean. And if you havent, you really should some day. The movie is a masterpiece. It deserves an oscar - for not having one when it deserved to. But somehow, im glad it didnt win that Oscar then. For it just goes to prove just yet another important fact of life - WINNING isnt always everything.
Sometimes just knowing inside that it's worth it all is all that matters.
Yes, this opinion will has its critics, as always. And it will have those who agree. But personally, to me, Oscar or no Oscar, beyond everything else, Shawshank shall always remain the greatest film ever made.

A scence you cant forget:

Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nostalgia High

My desk lays cluttered. The brief on my table calls out for some attention. My hair is still frizzy from the doggie hassled sleep i managed to pack in the previous night. The calendar at the end of the cubicle is running out on a year well lived. And there i am. finding myself lost on the 'Good old days'.

And it's a high!

I look back at the days in school and college when we used to spend nights on end discussing things like politics, freedom, the theory of relativity, the probabilities of life, global warming and so many more things that made a difference to our lives. And i look at the days we are living now, where most often discussed are the stupidities of daily life and the shit that often finds its way to the 6 million colour or so hi-tech LCD panel that blinds us day in and day out. It makes me smile. rather, it makes me smirk.

I look back at the times when we used to run-out on vacations at the blink of a plan. and get lost on the roads. and hitch-hike our way back. and get back to life again and feel just as crazy and happy as ever. And i look at now, where we have to plead a vacation even to take a breather from the mountains of 'work' we tackle by the day.

I look back at the times we could just pick up that game by the stangers on the road - and beat them at it by a far margin - no matter what the game. fit, and agile, and swift and skilled - we were to take on the taste of sport. And i look at now, where most of 'us' often lose those same games, now played by the neighbouring kids. I remember saying "we'll always be champions". It makes me laugh.

I look back at the times we downed 'golas' by the dozen and devoured those pani-puris like it was our staple food. And i look at now, where daily dabbas rest at our desk waiting for that work load to slide by and that cold food to reach our stomachs. Food has to wait. The work has to go. The golas are just a glimpse by the passing road on the way home. I remember saying "damn! we could eat these forever". hah!

I look back at those night overs with friends. So very often. Like the standard weekend plan that we thought we'd keep on forever. Drunk tales. Prank games. and the then not so hilarious consequences. lol. I look now at the schedule for the weeks ahead that says "shut up boy - get back to work - there's a lot to do!" The past still lingers as a memory when the night lamp now but burns for work.

I look back at times when we talked of dreams. of achieving them and living by them.
of times when we discussed convincingly about "why money, isnt everything". I look now at friends reduced to a mailing list with a company name at the address end. each awaiting the paycheck at the end of the month and still online but 'BUSY' and 3 in the morn. i wonder.

a weekend.

Now my desk is cluttered. My hair is a mess. My throat is hoarse from those golas and puris. Fuck my legs hurt - that was one great game! My dog's probably asleep on those pizza boxes and bottles. The phone's kinda busy with messages from friends. Everyone's now kinda ready to take that leap. The papers are put. The offers are in. The calendar is just about to come down - and a new one's ready - one that says that time for friends is FREE!

Nostalgia is a high. and it looks like its set me free.
That was one crazy weekend. and life's again great, though busy.

Thanks guys and angels - for being there with me - for amazing times - and everything.
Let's promise ourselves, we'll always find a way to eachother - and keep ourselves forever on an amazing high!

cheers nostalgia!

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