Monday, June 30, 2014

Talk to your girls before the beauty industry does

this is what battleready x is all about.
trying to educate the people about wrong body image ideas implanted in your heads by the media, about being able to differentiate between the good and bad of fitness and beauty, about being able to tell whats long standing and whats a fad.
what i want to say in a million words, this film just says in within almost a minute.
ironically, this ad also comes from the beauty industry.

well, some hope is better than none.
i atleast applaud their effort to keep it real.

fit and healthy is the eternal sexy and beautiful. our kids need to be taught that before they are brainwashed by the media.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

Saturday, June 28, 2014

5 things every designer must know - via design taxi

if you are a creative professional, fuckin print this and frame it on your wall.
memorize it. and apply it on a daily basis.
truer words have not been said!

respect to design taxi for putting this out.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

Friday, June 27, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction 

Monkeyrating: 6/10 

Waddabout: same old shit. Explosions. Aliens. Explosions. A girl with daddy issues. And an intelligent inventor replacing a teeny geek boy.

What to watch out for: good action. Trusty old bumblebee. And a decent storyline that's a refreshing change in a transformers movie. And transformers that seem a bit more robust than part 2 and 3. The Steve jobs inspired villainesque character is awesome fun. 

What sucks: too much explosion as usual. Too much brand placement crap. And the same old Optimus prime dying and coming back to life shit. I say: worth a one time watch. 2/3 of the movie is quite nice. It's the end that's worth skipping. It's better than part 2 and 3 for sure.

Watch the video review on FILM PICKLE:

watch official trailer:

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My 7 Word Autobiography

STEROIDS: Are They Worth The Risk?

My Fat and Ugly Project consisted of me gaining a lot of weight, getting unfit and unhealthy and then working my way back to lose weight with the most popular measures and then lose fat alone with the most scientific method available.
The final picture is of me at my best with heavy weight training and supplementation - without using any pharmaceutical aid or steroids. 
Should you take steroids?
A should you or should you not questions is always most likely to be cluttered with moral issues. But here to keep it logical and scientific, i'm going to go straight to facts. Especially given that steroids is a subject always shrouded with controversy, more due to the abuse than due to the use. And most due to ignorance.

So let's have a look at a few people and see how we as society, judge them and what are the facts:

SPECIMEN X: He is six feet tall, built like an ox, veins popping though his paper thin skin. When he talks, his words gurgle out of his bulky jaw mounted on shoulder muscles that are like boulders eating away at this neck. He is intellectually inferior and spends all his time in the gym and has severe acne on his back, is losing his hair and has a permanent erectile dysfunction and a very small penis that he never speaks about but instead channels it into rage.

He is of average height. He is on hoardings across the city. He has a well built upper body and chicken legs. He trains every day in the gym. Though he is approaching 40, he is still playing younsters' roles in his movies. He endorses a plethora of brands and is now also doing TV shows. He was recently featured on a fitness magazine cover flaunting his abs.
He publicly says that 'supplements' and 'steroids' are bad for health and that he does not take them. Whereas, infact, he does. And so do all the models who co-star in his ads.

She is 30, has a paunch, a sagging body, runs every morning and suffers from a few ailments now and then. She has a family history of osteoporosis and she recently delivered her second child. She is currently on medication to prevent further deterioration of her bone density. The medication she is using, is a steroid - but she has never bother asking the doctor what is she taking, nor has the doctor bothered informing her of the details of her prescription.
She is vehemently against 'steroids'.

He is an advertising creative director and a fitness consultant. Good looking, well built, strong, loves adventure sports and lives an extremely active lifestyle. He is touching 30 years of age and has had multiple injuries, including 14 fractures due to genetic predisposition for osteoporosis and a cervical complication - but he does not want to give up the active life and live like a retiree. He spends an hour in the gym 6 days a week and has been into fitness all his life. He eats 6 meals a day, trains 6 days a week and is consulting the country's top most authority on steroids to advice him on his usage of steroids. He is public about his usage of steroids.
Would you believe me if i said that ALL of these people are using steroids?
Would you be more likely to believe that just bodybuilders use steroids and the rest are all 'natural'?
Now for the facts of all the specimens we read about:

This is how most people perceive a Steroid user. These are steroid abusers who use steroids rampantly and without professional guidance. But thanks to the media and due to the ignorance of the masses, these are the ones who become the posterboys of steroids.

This is a steroid user - but one who will never accept it in public to safeguard his celebrity status and his public image. His usage of steroids is always on the sly, often ends up paying way more than the steroids are worth and will always maintain in his public image that he is all 'NATURAL' and just 'genetically gifted' - or worse, is such due to the brands he endorses.

This is a real steroid user who doesn't even know he/she is on steroids, is ok with steroids if they are prescribed by a doctor - but has an opinion and a stance against steroids, vehemently. Ask him/her what a steroid is and they probably will just say ' they are bad things'.

This is a well read and researched person making his decisions based on thorough knowledge of the pros and cons. Someone who has probably even done a swot analysis of the usage of his steroids and medical aids. He is honest about his usage because he doesn't like deceiving people and contributing to the lies of the 'fitness' and 'media' industry. In short, he knows what he is doing, he has gauged and accepted the risks and doesn't give a shit what arbit people think. And he knows that although few, there are a few people like him.
Specimen C, ladies and gentlemen, is me.

Though I'm not on steroids yet, I intend to be using them soon to tackle my osteoporosis as i continue to train.

I'm choosing to use steroids despite being a person who asks youngsters to stay away from steroids not because i'm a hypocrite, but because i have weighed the pros and cons and consulted the best people there are to consult on the subject. And I'm being absolutely open and honest about it hoping this helps other people out there to open their eyes, look beyond the media lies of all the 'athletes' out there claiming to be 'natural' and be able to see beyond the convenient truths and blatant lies that float out there regarding fitness, nutrition, supplementation and steroids as well.

Do a SWOT analysis of whether or not you can truly afford being on steroids.
Be objective and very practical about it.
Given here of course are just my own personal opinions based on my studies of the subject. You should seek your own professional advice before you take a decision.

FINANCIAL COST: Steroids are not expensive, but most often are peddled by people who rip off and fool ignorant customers looking to get muscular fast. Infact, my steroids, when i do take them, will be cheaper than my fortnightly food and nutrition bills. In many countries, steroids being illegal is what makes it a terrible industry for black marketers, websites and crooks who peddle sub-standard stuff, control rates and indulge in adulteration. In that situation, your steroids may turn out way more expensive than you bargained for.

RISK: Its not the financial expense of steroids that's a major deterrent but rather the emotional and psycho-physiological expense of it. Few people realize that more important than the steroid cycle itself (cycle refers to usage pattern over a duration of consumption) is the PCT or the post cycle therapy. Missing even one day on your PCT can leave a person damaged for life. Hairloss, liver trauma, severe acne are the commonly known side effects - the most scary ones though would definitely be erectile dysfunction for life and death.
For a person with less than 6-7 years of heavy training, even considering steroids would be a bad idea - the risks would outweigh the benefits and cause severe frustration eventually.

If you choose to use steroids for non-medical purposes, in my opinion, this should be your checklist to ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks:
1. Have you trained for 6-7 years?

2. Are you at atleast 90% of your biological maximum potential?

3. Can you continue to afford the strict fitness lifestyle (6-8 meals a day, including supplements, 6 days a week training) even for a year after your steroid cycle?

4. Can you be 110% dedicated to your prescribed schedule for the duration of your cycle?

5. Is your steroid consultant a genuine, knowledgeable expert in the field and not just a typical bodybuilder with access to steroids? (a genuine professional will always be able to clear all your doubts with genuine scientific reasoning that can be verified)

6. Have you done your due-diligence by researching on the field and on the steroids you have been prescribed?

7. Are you intending to use them to combat a severe injury or medical condition? if yes, have you atleast asked a medically informed professional about your intended usage?

8. Are you training with a real fitness and sports nutrition professional who is guiding you on your training and nutrition regimen?

If your answer to any of these questions is NO, it might be wise for you to reconsider your decision. Or atleast postpone it by a year, wait out and see. Sometimes, giving a decision time is the best choice a wise man can make.

Hope this helped.
Do let me know if you have any questions regarding training and fitness.
Wish you the best and hope you have an amazingly fit, wholesome and healthy life ahead!

- Pushkaraj S Shirke
Director, BattlereadyX - The no-bullshit fitness channel
Creative Director - Climb Media
Fitness Consultant and Coach

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Independent and Honest Movie Reviews and Talks

"For unadulterated, honest, homemade film reviews and talks where films are discussed by people who not just know, but truly live and love their films. Subscribe now: 

Pushkaraj S Shike (film director and aficionado) 
Rohon Nag (film editor and geek) 

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

BattleReadyX: The beginning of a Fitness Revolution

There are 3 things that truly drive me - the truth, fitness and films.
And after a long long time, all of the three things have come together, all my passions have blended effortlessly together in a first of its kind journalistic venture - A No-bullshit Fitness Channel that is dedicated to develop and curate content that is scientific and factual.

My background in advertising, 8 years in the top advertising agencies in India, taught me many things - creativity, art, language, what works what does not, what do the masses respond to and what they shun, how media is paid to sell people 'news' and how 'convenient truths' are manufactured to sell stuff - but what it taught me most is how much I despise lies and deceitfulness and where is the line between artistic representation and blatant, harmful lies. And that no matter how small you are, if what you have is true and simple, it may not be a giant, but it will stand the test of time.

Fitness was something that i was always passionate about. For years i wasted my efforts reading fitness magazines and listening to media generated advice - a victim of the same media that i worked in. Only when i did actually get myself educated in fitness with a degree in sports nutrition and personal training and with the mentorship of Kaizzad Capadia - the true iron man of fitness sciences in India, did i learn how foolish i had been. What i also learnt is how ruthlessly the people are fooled by fraudsters and brands that are genuinely wanting to fool the people and sell them crap. I also learnt that in this gutter of lies, lie a few gems. A few people, a few brands, that have genuine concerns at their heart, but are misled themselves. They want to help people out in the pursuit of fitness, but they themselves have been misguided by their 'advisors'.

Film, is something i grew up on. It is what made me join advertising in the first place. It is what made me quit my job and travel to New York to learn film making. The magic of the audio visual medium taught me more of life than anything else apart from real experience did. That power which a good film has, nothing else does. And whether it is to educate or to entertain, or both, i still don't think there can be a more magical medium that film. And the advent of the internet has made it even better. A magical piece of film can now reach everyone effortlessly and stay with them for time.

These three things put together, are the flammable ingredients of a revolution.
And starting this 5th of July 2014, this revolution will begin.

BATTLEREADY X: The World's First No-Bullshit Fitness Channel.
A channel where genuine content and the truth is more important than the products out there.
A channel where the content is made first and sponsors are invited later.
A channel where truth is above all else, and real fitness is shared with all.
A channel that works on answering in 100% fact, the questions to which people seek answers.
A fitness channel that is truly for the people, by the people and of the people.

Pushkaraj S Shirke
Director, Battleready X 

PS: Starting 5-7-2014, BattlereadyX is scheduled for 10 fitness shows across the year.
Genuine fitness brands and health and lifestyle products are welcome aboard as partners and sponsors.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Free Advice

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"Especially true in the fitness industry. #free #advice #fitness #professional #knowledge #value " 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Legacy: what will you leave behind?

Written and Directed by
Pushkaraj S Shirke
DOP: Haruhico Nishioca
DA: Emir Kahn Bautista
Editor: Rohon Nag
Starring: Ray Martell Moore & John Marcus

Based on a True Incident, this film tells the story of a young, african american boy unwillingly forced into crime by circumstances and his chance encounter with a stranger that will change his life forever.
The film explores the conflict between circumstances and choices as catalyzed by one act of a stranger.

Filmed as a Student Project for New york Film Academy
This has not been made for any commercial purposes.
The film was shot within 2 hours, edited in a day and the music used is stock music. And the shitty sound is owing to a restaurant owner who didn't allow us to switch off the TV for 5 mins. The story, is intact nonetheless.

Special thanks to Tassos Rigopoulos and Piero Basso Aic for their valuable lessons and time.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Should the Next cover of TIME be a Selfie?

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The next cover of time magazine should be a selfie.
 #era #phenomenon #time #symbolism #selfie #instagram #socialmedia "

The Expert

a film that everyone in advertising can relate to. the perfect client meeting.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

Saturday, June 14, 2014

How to Train Your Dragon 2

monkey rating: 9/10

waddabout: a sequel to how to train your dragon, this movie revolves around hiccup and toothless discovering a horde of dragons, and alpha dragon and someone from hiccups past - and their battle to protect the dragonsfrom an evil dragon lord called drago bloodfist. 

isay: this movie actually manages to go higher above the awesome part 1!!!! whereas part 1 was more about hiccup, this is more about toothless. They have actually made him more endearing and adortable than ever! dont be surprised if you find your kids asking you for a pet dragon post this movie!!!
its awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww x 1000000000!!!
pet lovers will love it, so will everyone else.

what's great: the story, is awesome, direction is good. animation is kinda pathbreaking when it comes to skin textures and all. and the dragons are aweeeeeomeeee!

what's bad: the only thing lacking in the movie, is a good music score. the music falls flat coz its too predictable and typical. (that's the reason this movie lost one point - and yes the dialogues could have been better, but toothless's voice and antics makes up for that)

monkeyrespect to: whoever developed the toothless character in this part! it's an incredible job! you just love him!

watch the filmpickle video review:

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

Monday, June 9, 2014

Beats by Dre - The game before the game

Every once in a while an ad comes along that makes a rather unknown song the unofficially official song for an event. The game before the game is one such ad.
the music is the soul of the ad. the film is utterly well done with no special effects, basic hand held camera work and a bunch of, what seems like, stock shots.
but it all comes together and gets your adrenaline pumping!
and shows NIKE for once of how its meant to be done.
check it out:

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Time Travel in Movies - the good and the bad Explained

what makes edge of tomorrow a bad time travel movie and what makes the butterfly effect a great time travel movie?
why you should watch x-men: days of future past and save your souls from crappy shit like bollywood's slime fest - action replay.
and what makes BACK TO THE FUTURE a legendary time travel movie despite its flaws?
find all the answers, in true film and sci-fi geek definition, here:

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

Friday, June 6, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow

monkeyrating: 6/10

waddabout: 'groundhog day' meets futuristic science fiction alien action. bleh!

isay: i wont suggest watching it more than once. worth a watch as a fun action feel-good-happy-ending film.

watch the video review:

why the time travel in edge of tomorrow is fucked up: (a geeks perspective)

watch the trailer: 

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

The Raid 2

monkeyrating: 8/10
actually, i gave it a 7, but the action sequences are so awesome that i gave it an 8 out of sheer awesomeness.

waddabout: a cop who carried out a legendary raid, is forced to go undercover with the crime syndicate to protect his family and uncover the police corruption that runs rampant in the city.

isay: the story is an improvement on part 1, but still not up to par. the acting is sub standard. and screenplay sucks. BUT - and a MASSIVE BIG BUT - this ain't what you watch this movie for!
this is a movie that will blow your mind with the action sequences, the fight choreography, the camera work, the raging music and the sheer incredible power of GORE!

monkeyrespect to: Iko uwais and Yayan Ruhian! i was wondering why the director would pick actors who could not really act - but when i saw the amazing fight choreography, i realised why - coz no one else could have evr pulled this off! These are by far the best fights i have ever seen choreographed for screen. Kill bill and old boy together cant match up to this awesomeness!

watch the film pickle video review:

watch the trailer:

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Friends are the family we choose

"It's birthday month and I will soon be 29 - and all I can wish for is a lot more of the awesome relationships I have had in my life. Like my brothers in arms - ketak and Sanjeev. I have found a family in my friends. A family tht is built on mutual admiration, respect and absolute honesty rather than blood. A family that is way more nurturing than a lot of families tht I have seen in my life. This year as I grow older and maybe a bit wiser, this is all I can see myself wishing for. Hope nothing ever jinxes these amazing relationships i have. Cheers to love, respect and honesty! Cheers to the people i will always love! Cheers to friends that make a family!

Isle of Man: Honda - brilliant poster art illustration

A perfect illustration for the most dangerous race on the planet. Love the old school type work of engravings and tattoo art and the mixture of fantasy and realism in the map illustration. This is what makes advertising beautiful. 
Honda is the undisputed leader of the most hazardous race in the world: the Tourist Trophy on the Isle of Man. The 37-mile plus track is composed of 264 bends and turns on country roads that are closed for the occasion. Concentration is crucial in order to ride through the different villages at full speed, barely missing stonewalls, sidewalks and telephone poles. Mistakes are not allowed. The black and white illustration was done completely by hand and is a blend of two particular styles: engravings and tattoos.
Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre HervĂ©
Copywriters / Art Directors / Illustrators: Emilie RamainStéphane Audouin
AccountSupervisors: Mathieu Roux, Olivier Massanella
Published: April 2014

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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