Thursday, December 13, 2007


It might sound stupid, but there is this weird thing i do when the year is nearing its end - i run through my memories of the entire year.

Going through albums, bank statements, cards, bills, letters, memorabilia etc.

Its kinda loony, but i love to think of the year gone by - of the TIME gone by. Somehow, helps me to know a little more about the passage of time and its weird effects on us. The way it moulds us and the way we desire to make the most of it.


Going through my albums of the year - one album caught my attention. Nothing too great or glorious as such, just pictures from my school reunion. An evening that was just too amazing to forget!

It has been years since we passed out of school - kinda stupid kids with weird dreams and stupider ideas of the world. Crazy, charged people cribbing about the school song and the fumbling bumbling school management and staff... people excited about simple things like school trips and bunking classes... ambitious people with great ambitions and unstoppable ideas and greater dreams... people that you didn't really have the time to know.. and those who didn't have the inclination to get to know you... ALL are here! Here, today, in one place, out of the big wide world that they found themselves in outside their school - back for a reunion of the days gone by.

What a night! From what i can remember i must have danced the hell out of that place! Every one danced (and i made sure of that by threatening to BIRTHDAY BUM those who didn't ;)), every one had a smile, some of the old squibs still existed somehow - but over it all - everyone was HAPPY! Happy to be together again. I guess we all were high, high on life more than anything else. Surprisingly, even those who got drunk, didn't get drunk enough to get embarrassing - looking back - it really wudnt have mattered if they had :D

That evening, even the people who hadn't actually given a fuck about others in school 'discovered' them. I say discovered coz back in school, sometimes like in life, we take everything for granted - we are glad to be stuck in our own little worlds - not giving two fucks about the people outside - and then suddenly when you really open your eyes you find out how much of an illusion your prejudice was! I remember arch rivals and enemies becoming friends that night. (some shit perhaps remains shitty forever though).

Its not just about the fun - Its an experience in itself! Some kind of coming to terms with the fact that you've grown. TIME has played its part on you.

Looking at all your schoolmates - and at yourself - its like looking at time itself. Time heals, time kills, time changes, time works on people in various ways.

Some people grow up, some never do, some change for the better, some choose the worse, some discover themselves, some are still trying - but at the end what matters here is that there is something that time dosen't change.

Time doesn't change much the feeling of BELONGING.

Time changed everything around us - maybe even everything about us - but still on that one day - so many STRANGERS moulded by time, changed by time, were FRIENDS again!

Friends taking on a simple night from the same 365 days that fill a year and turning it into one crazy night to remember!

And that's what matters!

I guess, if i were to look back any day, back to this night - I'd be glad, I'd be happy - coz I'd be with my BAND OF BROTHERS again.
Love you people man! Thanks for being in my life, together.

Cheers mates!

and all the best for life!

(btw, if and when i fulfill my dreams of being a film-maker - I'm definitely making a film on this one night! :))


  1. wait a minute! are you the one who made that "man reading paper sitting on the pot" short film?

  2. dude the way the blog of our school memories is written...its amazing man ..thanks man ..the feelings we could not express is put down by you in a fab way ....we would rem this

  3. hey readin the post i stopped in the place where u said tht as children we dont give 2 Fucks abt the ppl around us... soo true...
    guess i am one of those whos changed after the night..

    CHEERS... n btw.. i am ready wid any help tht u want in the film...just in case!!!!


  4. thanks a lot man....

    i just put down what i could feel that day... :)


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