Monday, December 3, 2007

Celebrating Singlehood!

Walking with my friend Sanjeev, alongside ruia college yesterday - on route to mission RESCUE FAT BASTARD this queer thing suddenly struck me. (kindly do not ask details about mission RFB). All of a sudden out of nowhere i realised something that made our day!
FOUR AND A HALF YEARS! yes, that's the time we have been the best of friends - Sanjeev, ketak and I. and one of the funniest things is, for four and a half years we had never, never been single or committed together. that was until i realized yesterday that FINALLY, FINALLY all of us were single again!!!!

for the first time in our crazy time together!!!!

it was reason to celebrate!!!!!

well, it always so happened that one of us was committed and two of us were single, or two of us were committed and one was single, by the time the third got committed, the second was single again and so on and so forth for all these years!
Finally when Ketak broke up recently it happened - all of us were single together!... but it didn't strike me till yesterday! and when it did, darn! did we have a ball or whattt!


We still love our exes, yes - they are amazing people - and our being happy has nothing to do with breaking up with them per se... its just that its brilliant for all Friends to just be single for the first time ever!!!!
now we can finally have that all singles party we planned to have sooooooo long ago! :D

its like this reallly stooopid child finally getting to have his tent in the garden party!

lo! i cant even imagine how this new years ever is gonna be!

Anyways now that we are finally all single - Sanjeev, Ketak and I, and now that we have realised what idiotic emotional dumb asses we are-- we decided on three things:
1. No getting into any relationships before our SINGLES PARTY! (dec 31st 2007)
2. Dating is fine, Emotional Commitment is strictly NO NO unless approved by the other 2 fools.
3. Shift HR division to our Kid sister - Veera! Our kid sis would have the final judgement whether we should or should not let anyone into our emotional sides again (coz as it turns out, she probably has more sense in her head than we emotional numb nuts do!)

------ hmmmm... so that brings me to the next point--- my son!
thanks to the discussion yesterday i decided to make one other thing straight-- my dog is my son - and he comes above everything to me - and if people don't like him - i don't like them - it is that simple!
So women who dislike dogs--- please do me a favor and stay away - coz there's no way i wud even stand such people. (that narrows my 'potential' category, but i really don't give a damn! my son comes first)

So -- neways -- with the party set -- the 'relationship' approvals section in our kid sis's hands -- and the guidelines in place --- we are all now looking forward to a crazy new year--- and a brand new beginning!!!!!! :DDDD

yipppieeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

fckkkkkk! being single never felt so amazingggggg before!!!!!!!! :D

PS: For applying to the candidates in question (apart frm me) you can get in touch mail your resumes along with a photograph/video and a covering letter to our HR manager VEERA ;)

As for all those others who are 'single and lovin it' you are free to join in the fun toooooooooooo! :DDDDD

meowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :D


  1. lolllll

    thanks maaaaan! :D

    u r free to join in tooooo!

    this feeeells rocckkiingggg!!! :D

  2. I want to know more about Mission Fat Bastard :D

  3. loll
    that aint happenin man! its all confidential!

    or else 'fat bastard' shall fart on me!!!! ;)

    will tell u in person sometime :)

    its a plan thats evillerrr than skeletorrrrr! :D

  4. small world! i know the fella in the picture :D

  5. Lol! Sorry. Can't tell you. That would mean letting the nut out of the box ;)


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