Friday, April 29, 2011

the practical 4 days a week workout

that's me - on the 4DAW workout
and after the 'get back in shape' workouts
 Given my work schedules and my need to indulge in various hobbies besides workingout, i dont have all the time in the world.So i've created a workout routine that requires me to workout only 4-days a week and yet keeps me fighting fit.

So i workout 2 hours each - on any three working days and any one weekend day. reasonable?

I don't follow any diet anymore - but i keep the most important 2 words in mind - MODERATION and TAPERING:

Moderation: i eat all kinds of foods, but even when i go out partying, i make sure not to go overboard with the binging. enjoy the taste, enjoy the food, bite in - but know when to stop. you aren't really going to get a medallion for chowing down a universe or something.

Tapering: i make sure i eat a heavy breakfast, a medium sized lunch and a very light dinner. and throw in 2 low cal snacks in between. keeps my metabolism running, and the fat storage stystem in my body on a shut-down.

When it comes to the workout, i've created a hybrid workout that ensures that every muscle in my body is exerted turn by turn. I've refrained from using the typical MUSCLE BY MUSCLE workout routines coz i dont want to be a bodybuilder. My OBJECTIVE is to stay FIT. So this is how my 4 days of workout go:

Day 1: Upperbody
The usual upper body workouts - 2 sets each of max weight possible to 15 reps.
Chest. Shoulder. Delts. Back. Biceps. Triceps. Forearms.
I pay extra attention to Shoulders and triceps as those are my weakness thanks to my teenage years neck injury. You should pay extra attention to what your weakness is. extra attention = 2 additional exercises.

Day 2: Legs and Abs
I consider legs and the core to be the most important muscles in the body. in a fight, its the legs that keep you standing and the core that drives your power. So i club both of these together and give them one exclusive day of sweat shedding, muscle ripping pain. 6 different exercises for both - 3 sets each.

Day 3: Cross fit
CrossFit is a workout regimen that incorporates exercises for each of ten fitness domains: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy.

though, i only incorporate parts of it in my workout. That's because without guidance, this is one regime that can go awfully wrong. CHRONICALLY wrong.

Day 4: Cardio and Complete Circuit
this is best done with LORDS OF ACID and BODIES and other high tempo awesome music on the playlist #justsaying ;)
This day is dedicated to SPEED and STAMINA.
Sprint for a mile. Run two or three miles.
4 minutes of hell
Exercise a single set of every muscle, of every machine in the gym - one after the other in any order - with only 15 secs break in between.
Then again steep climb/speed walk a few miles.
Punch. Kick. Stretch.

and that is how this monster rolls!
if you are following this, let me know. I'll help you out with any hindrances that you may face.
keep away from talwalkars and stay fit and all these crappy get fit fast scemes. stay away from lose weight quick scams and as far as possible - unless you have a professional reason (modelling or sports is your profession), or a metabolic necessity, stay away from nutritional supplements. And if you do go for supplements, go for the best. (ON, BSN and VPX are highly reliable brands - for more detailed info about effective supplements, visit )

Pushkaraj Shirke

PS: in case you dont know it already, THIS is 4 minutes of HELL:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sucker Punch - the opening

SuckerPunch as a film was a great dissapointment. layered with unnecessary levels of imagination. but at the same time it is a showcase of zack snyder's directorial and cinematic genius. the man is a god with visual treatment. what he lacks in story and script, he makes up for in visual appeal.

BUT most importantly, it is the opening of the film that catches my eye. it's a great short film in itself - silent, dialogueless, music and visuals driven tale. WATCH IT and you'll know why i admire zack snyder despite his failure with suckerpunch.

#of course, you can still go on to watch the entire movie if you want a crash course in visual treatment. but please dont expect anything out of the story. its way too childish and pseudo intelligently layered.

the opening 'short film':

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Enjoy The Ride - the philosophy of life, and road safety.

very rarely does a ROAD SAFETY ad really make you think so deeply. this ad transcends the road and enters your life.
its a philosophy of life, applied to the road.

beautifully made, well written and thought out and a brillinat brilliant voiceover!

Enjoy the Ride is a Road Safety Council of Western Australia initiative, brought to you by the Office of Road Safety. Our aim is to show Western Australian drivers that there is an alternative to speeding -- on the road and in life. And it's a better way.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

God is a Curious Child #japan

Medium: Pen on Paper
Style: Line Art Illustration

Incidents like the wave of eartquakes and Tsunamis in japan make you ponder if there is a god. and/or if there is, what is he doing? is there a plan behind this? or is this just an accident. this illustration was my version of that pondering....

It reminds me the time when i was a child and my mother got me this gorgeous little battery operated chimpanzee that would do funny little somersaults... and i loved it. it was my favourite toy. and then one day when i was home alone, i just wanted to see if the toy would do similar somersaults even in water, and off it went into a tub full of water. to my dismay, it just drowned. and later i discovered that it would never work again. Iwas heartbroken. i loved that toy... but just out of curiosity, i had ended up destroying it. I wasnt mean or hurtful. Infact, i ended up causing myself much more hurt than could ever be repaired that night.

so maybe... just maybe... even god is just a curious little child ... filling his toy tray with water not knowing exactly what would happen... but stricken with equal sadness at the havoc unleashed.

- Pushkaraj Shirke

The BEST of NIKE Commercials

in my dictionary of visual appeal,
there's nothing more charging and inspiring in a true to life way than a well made sports film. and in advertising, that rule just gets a power packed compression. what you get is sheer cinematic excellence within a span of a minute or less. and almost always, they are not just a piece of great execution - they are based on ONE POWERFUL THOUGHT that makes that difference.

amongst the 2 giants of sports - nike and adidas, its obvious that adidas gets into the sport and the life of it, while NIKE, plays on the ATTITUDE of it. NIKE plays on the immediate psyche and therefore has more commercials that make you go ahead and JUST DO IT. BOOM!

compiled here are some of my favourite Nike commercials across the decades of advertising.
check em out:

everytime i see this film, it pumps me up. the music grips.  the visuals cue performance. and the moment you let it sink in, you know you want to run that extra lap at the gym when you hit it!

for everyday at the gym or training people have a million excuses. this one ad, though not too famous, just knocked sense right into the matter! poww!
everytime im looking for an excuse to skip training, i just watch this!

no words necessary. it's the truth about winning.

arguably one of nike's most culturally influential commercials ever and therefore nike's best. what is beyond argument is the fact that the commercial does speak to you. no wait, it SINGS to you!

this was one ad where NIKE treaded onto the adidas space of the internal attitude of a sports person - a life truth. still love it though, for these words, are a million dollar truth.

NIKE: JUST DO IT (recent)
its intresting in the way its adapted to the modern ideas of sport and fitness purely in terms of execution. if you go back to the 1988 commercial of NIKE, you'll see exactly the same idea - with ideas relevant to that time! the point is, it keeps the idea, keeps the pace - and rocks it too!

and finally.... NIKE: JUST DO IT (the original)
this is where the journey really began. just a clip of the moment before the action begins.. to JUST DO IT.

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Monday, April 18, 2011


monkeyrating: 8/10
genre: adventure sci-fi

waddabout: an accident in a park full of cloned dinosaurs unleashes pre-historic, giant reptilian hell for its preview visitors.

isay: If there is one movie from my childhood that i can remember to have had the highest impact on all merchandising and marketing gimmicks worldwide - it has to be this one! the scale of the movie was EPIC!!! every child owned a dino tee, a dino toy, a dino lunch box, every adult had a dino film, a dino theme dinner and what not! then adn ever since, i havent seen a movie so epic in its effect on the minds of the people - this movie was the BIRTH of the DINOSAURS in the modern era! MUST WATCH!

monkeyrespect to: STEVEN SPIELBERG!!!! who else??? the man has vision in the true sense! to have made an extirely non-existent world come alive and capture the imagination of an era - it takes more than just vision -it actually takes balls to dream that big!!!

the sound and sfx teams have done a job so brilliant that people even today follow their lead. the music grips you, the sounds make you twitch every known and unknown muscle - this movie is a piece of technical brilliance!!!!

to think of it, at the time, this movie was the best piece of shit to ever grace the dolby stereo surround sound system!!!!!! ROOOOAAWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
MICHAEL CRICHTON's book JURASSIC PARK deserves mention - for it wud not be possible to have this masterpiece if it werent for his imagination to run prehistorically wild. scientifically inaccurate, but entertainment-wise genius!!!

trivia note: Steven Spielberg always uses a sign with directions or instructions as a joke. In JP, the T-Rex's jaws fill up the side-view mirror of the car, with the mirror reading, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear."

Watch the trailer: the jelly scene is still fresh in my mind!!!

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monkeyrating: 7/10

genre: adventure comedy animation

waddabout: a pet, identity lackingchameleon is swerved by destiny into the town of Dirt, a lawless wild western town in desperate need of a new sheriff, and a beacon of hope.

isay: I was absolutely looking forward to this one - and it tottally did not dissapoint! one of the rare movies that has something for everyone! gotta watch it i say!

monkeyrespect to: THE ANIMATION TEAM and the MUSIC TEAM - what absoluite awesomeness!!! the camera angles in the animation rock! the music stays in your head long after u've watched the movie and all that is beside the fact that it entertains you to the fullest!!!!
THE MORBID MARIACHI SINGING OWLS?? what a piece of genius - tottally fall in love with em!!!!

Needless to mention - Johnny Depp is kick ass in his voiceover! from the fidgety nervous chameleon to the awesome wild western rango - he does it with typical deppesque panache!

#funny thing is, this movie is rated PG for its RUDE language. but who the F cares i say!!! watch it - enjoy it!!!! i'd show it to my kids - hell yeahhh!!! arrrr!!!

trivia note: The 'spirit of the west' in RANGO is modelled after the one and only - CLINT EASTWOOD! Watch the trailer: AND LISSEN TO THE MARIACHI OWLSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Planet of the Apes (1968)

monkeyrating: 7/10
#Even though panda wrote this, one cannot miss the pun of this movie being rated by the monkey

genre: adventure drama mystery

waddabout: A team of astronauts travel ahead in time and crash land on a bizarre planet where speaking apes are the dominant species and man is the mute animal hunted and kept in cages!

isay: This is one of Charlton Heston’s most famous movies! the ending twist is EPIC! and his last lines in the movie have been voted as the 66th best movie quote ever!!! more than enough reasons to not miss out on this one!

pandarespect to: The makeup department deserves great respect for giving a decent monkey getup to all the actors. That is what sells the movie to the audience.
After the 2001 remake the monkey makeup might seem a bit lame to the younger viewers but back in the 60’s it was the best makeup job anyone had ever done. The script is tightly ploted, though the movie is slow at times lee way has to be given for its age. In the 60’s this was a very fast paced movie!

#The 2001 remake is much faster and tightly narrated since it’s from our era.

trivia note: Though it wasn’t initially planned The franchise was a HUGE success and has since sprouted 4 sequels, one remake (in 2001) and a Reboot (in 2011) which is yet to be released starring james franco and frieda pinto with the beast being played by andy “king kong/Gollum” serkis.

Watch the trailer:
(Original One)

(2011 Reboot)

full review of the reboot now available:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bicentennial Man (1999)

pandarating: 9/10

genre: Drama Family Sci-fi

waddabout: Set in a futuristic 2005 this movie is about Andrew the android whose lifelong wish is to become more human. His moving journey starts from his simple beginnings as an household robot/appliance to becoming a great and influential human. In a way similar in scope and layout to Forrest Gump, this movie was critically panned on release by critics expecting a ha-ha comedy by robin willaims.

#panda actually rates this movie 10/10 as it is a personal favourite! it is on consensus with monkey that it is given a 9/10

pandarespect to: Robin Willaims for giving one of his careers best performances till date. He plays the android covered in metal/silicon skin perfectly. The use of props and animatronics might be obvious to the trained eye, but willaims is in costume for a lot of the film.

The special effects and other CGI things are very decently done and hasn’t dated one bit since initial release. The script manages to navigate the potentially difficult waters of a story which spans (as the title suggests) 200 years.

trivia note: The movie was a critical and commercial flop in the year 1999 with its late December release, it was marketed a comedy film as can be evidenced by its trailers, it has eventually found its audience and now regarded as one of Asimov’s best translation to screen which follows his spirit of robotics and theology.The story is based on Asimov’s famous novella “the Bicentennial man” which was later turned into a novel by Asimov and Robert Silverberg, called “the positronic man”.
watch the trailer: the trailer is actually misleading as it projects the film as a comedy film.

Monday, April 11, 2011

A to Z of movies - Bollywood / Indian Cinema


B for BETA




















W for WAQT

X for X-MEN (in hindi)
- yes we dont make movies with X in the tile, we just dub them from english with hilarious voice-overs in hindi!


A for Andaaz Apna Apna and H for Hera Pheri would be apt for the fun version of this list
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A to Z of movies

















Q for QUENTIN TARANTINO (that's not a movie, thats THE man!)







X for X-MEN



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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

top 10 montages of all time!

NOTE: original reference written by Noelle Buffam for THE SCRIPT LAB

A montage is an important technique in film, delivering information and time passage in a visual and economical way. It's true that montages can be overused and have gained the stigma of being cheesy, but if done right, a montage can be engaging, inspiring - even epic. which is why montages are one of my favourite parts of a film - they save on precious screen-time and make up for one amazing little piece that packs a real punch visually and thematically.

But with so many montages to choose from, it is overwhelming to select an ultimate top ten list. So here's my angle: since most montages fall into traditional categories - "the media montage", "the training montage", "the sports montage", to name a few - each film on this list represents the top spot in its sub-category, ranked in accordance to how much screenwriting knowledge can be derived from the montage itself. So try not to be offended if your favorite "training montage" doesn't make the grade. There was only room for one, and it's hard to snub Rocky.

10. Team America: World Police (2004) - The Satirical Montage of 'The Montage'
Trey Parker and Matt Stone parody the cliché of the 80's training montage with a satirical training montage. Set to a song titled 'Montage', which includes lyrics like, "Show a lot of things happening at once, remind everyone of what's going on", this montage encapsulates the stigma of "the montage". It's easy to admired as it completely fits Team America, but it can also be taken as a lesson: execute a montage in accordance to the film's tone. If the film is a comedy, the montage sure as hell better be funny. No complaints with Team America, which pulls it off with stereotypical images of weight lifting and karate training, all set against a 80s-style rock song.

9. Pretty Woman (1990) - The Shopping Montage

It's perhaps the most dreaded montage of them all: the shopping montage. While most shopping montages often slip fast and furious into feeing like added fluff, Pretty Woman's montage illustrates a change in the protagonist's character arc. In the beginning, Vivian (Julia Roberts) is thrown into a new world - one filled with beautiful clothes and endless possibilities - yet we see her transform from a "fashion don't" prostitute into a real classy looking lady. Vivian even has a moment of retribution as she enters a high-end store that once kicked her out. She walks up to the snotty saleswoman and declares, "Big mistake!" Her transformation is finally complete as she struts into her hotel with a new outfit and shopping bags in tow - head held high, commanding the attention she now feels she deserves.

8. Karate Kid (1984) - The Sports Montage

In the sports montage, it's all about the anticipation. In this classic underdog tale, Daniel is competing at a local tournament against a plethora of favored Cobra-Kai students. At 3 minutes and 30 seconds, our hero methodically knocks out each member of Cobra-Kai: a roundhouse to the stomach, a jab to the shoulder, a punch to the chest. The anticipation is built as Daniel locks in on each opponent, sizing them up, and finding their weaknesses, until the ultimate payoff when he fights "mano a mano" against the most lethal Cobra-Kai, bad boy Johnny Lawrence, and despite having only one good leg, Daniel still wins it all.

7. Ghostbusters (1984) - The Media Montage

successfully finishing their first job, the Ghostbusters are everywhere: newspapers, television, magazines, and radio. Just as important as the actual news reports, we also see how the boys deal with their new found fame - they soak it up. The montage successfully tells the audience about their growing popularity, all the while keeping up with the tone of the film: funny is what funny does. A radio voice-over reports the Ghostbusters "slugged it out with a poltergeist" at a nightclub and then "stayed to dance the night away". The Globe reports on the "Ghostbusters super diet". A news anchorman asks, "Have you seen Elvis, how is he?"

6. Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) - The Drunk Montage
After successfully pulling off a heist, the four main characters partake in a night of boozing. It's easy to have a drinking scene that comes across unoriginal, with the main character fumbling around like Dudley Moore in Arthur. However, Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels pulls it off with authenticity. A base beat pumps as the camera zooms in and out. The shot is then suddenly upside down. The scene goes in slow motion, then switches to double time. These techniques make it unique and realistic. But there's more to the montage than the stylistic camera work and editing; it's also comical. The gang is playing matador with a tablecloth, chugging hard alcohol while lying on a piano, lighting objects on fire. The last scene shows everyone passed out, and we know exactly how the gang will feel when they wake up slumped over the bar table. Excedrin anyone?
5. Dirty Dancing (1987) - The Dancing Montage
The chemistry between Baby and Johnny is tangible in Dirty Dancing, and no more so than when they hit the dance floor. While the dancing montage shows the two developing their skills, it also illustrates the development of their relationship. Without any dialogue, the story of their romance is obvious. With the touch of the hip and a moment of locked eyes, their fate is sealed. The Dirty Dancing montage shows that in montages, visual storytelling IS filmmaking. It's true! Action does speak louder than words.
4. Scarface (1983) - The Rise to Power
Here we see Tony Montana achieving the "American Dream", albeit obtaining it through killing and drug trafficking. The excess and violence seeps out of the film as it depicts endless money and power... even a pet tiger. But what sets this "rise to power" montage apart from its competition is how it incorporates foreshadowing. The end of the montage shows Tony's new bride snorting cocaine. She sits in front of her vanity dressed in a silk robe, a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other, with a haunting look of desperation in her eyes. This final image leaves no doubt that the life of excess will only lead to destruction for the Montoyas.

3. Goodfellas (1990) - The Killing
Not only does this killing montage incorporate a great example of effective voice-over, but it also shows the power of music in montages. Scorsese's killing montage is paired up with Eric Clapton's "Layla". The soft piano interlude accompanies the images of dead bodies in a way that seems almost, well... beautiful. It's hard to think a viewer can see beauty in a dead man tumbling out of a garbage truck, or a frozen corpse hanging from a meat hook. However, this montage pulls it off, achieving this sense of beauty through the seamless juxtaposition of action and music.

2. Rocky (1976) - The Training
Okay, so you knew this one was coming, but honestly, how could we ignore Rocky? When Rocky hit the streets of Philadelphia, the whole world watched as he ran up the 72 steps of the Museum of Art. Set to Bill Conti's "Gonna Fly Now", this 2 minutes and 40 seconds is a testament to the power of the "training montage". In fact, this montage became so engrained in popular culture that the real steps were renamed the "Rocky Steps" and a bronze statue of Stallone is now found at the foot of the building. The Rocky montage shows that a montage - particularly a training montage - can be more than an outlet for providing information. It can also be inspirational. No doubt, there are many people who have images of Rocky attacking the speed bag and doing one-armed push-ups as they hit the gym. There are kids who ask for boxing gloves for Christmas, hoping to grow up into a tough fighting-machine. There are many who visit these steps, run to the top, and throw their hands up in victory just like Rocky. This montage created an everlasting, inspirational moment - and ultimately helped prop up one of the most beloved and iconic characters of all time.

1. UP (2009) - The Life Story Montage
It's a story of life and loss. The UP montage spans 49 scenes and has no dialogue, yet in only 4 minutes and 18 seconds, it tells the entire life story of Ellie and Carl. We meet them at their wedding, see their attempts at fixing up their first home, and watch with delight as they begin saving for their dream to visit Paradise Falls someday. But life – as it often does – finds a way to toss a wrench in the mix, and with house repairs and car troubles, Ellie and Carl's fund to visit Paradise Falls dwindles. Tragedy hits when Ellie has a miscarriage, but the couple overcomes their grief and moves on, still together, still in love. But as they grow older, Ellie becomes ill, and the montage concludes with the final blow of her death and Carl's bereavement. Though this is a montage about both Carl and Ellie, it's Carl's mindset and current life that is now understood by the audience. He has lost a child, his youth, his wife, and the dreams they had together. I, along with most other audience members, would want to tie balloons to my house and float away too. By the end of the montage the audience does not only have empathy for Carl, but they also understand why Carl needs Russel: the chubby, overenthusiastic Boy Scout will help bring hope and humor back into Carl's life. The UP montage - the ultimate film within a film – sets the entire groundwork for the whole movie, while connecting the audience to the film's protagonist by providing poignant moments of love and loss, which are part of every individual's life journey.

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Get Back in Shape - THE FINALE!

phew! at d end of 3 months & 3 regimes
I started at 72 kgs - 3 months ago.
with a flabby tummy and out of shape thanks to my 6 month sabbatical and road trip.

It took me 30 days to cut down 6 kgs.
i blogged the routine on my FIRST SELF IMPOSED CHALLENGE TO LOSE 6 KGS IN 30 DAYS.

Then 30 more days to lose 4kgs of flab whilst building muscle to maintain shape. Which was blogged in the second episode.

finally came the task of building washboard abs in the last 30 days.
again while building muscle mass and not piling any fat.

Finally now, i'm at 64 Kgs.
all muscle. minimal fat. and at the end of my 3 month regime!

lost 12 kgs of fat. built 4 kgs of muscle.
time to chill in goa and indulge in some guilty pleasures - and yummy sea food :)

Then its back to a new routine - to build a solid core/8-pack once i'm back at work :)
will try and blog that routine too.


- Pushkaraj Shirke

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

King Kong (peter jackson's)

monkeyrating: 8/10

genre: Drama Action Adventure Romance

waddabout: a movie producer cheats his cast and a hunter's ship to travel to an unexplored island, where they encounter a giant ape - who falls in love with the leading lady. leading to a fateful tale of blind romance.

i say: one of the first films ever to make me cry was the ORIGINAL king kong from 1933. Peter Jackson's version has the same impact - with better effects. this is one of the movies that never fails to move me(read as make me cry). Must Must Watch!

monkeyrespect to: Peter Jackson - for managing to capture the essense of the original and deliver it in a way that is entertaining even to the modernday viewer. If it weren't for his brilliance, this epic romance would have probably been lost in film archives of the days gone by.

Needless to say, the Sound and VFX team for this movie is THE SHIT! brilliant would be an inadequate word! they are what make this movie a 110% cinematic treat - under Jackson's control ofcourse!
among the actors, Jack Black has this amazing capability to just bring his attitude into every role he plays - even in King Kong he's inescapable! he seals the movie with the most memorable words from the movie: which is the same in the 1933 one.

"its not the airplanes, its beauty that killed the beast."

 trivia note: Peter Jackson owns a number of props from the original 1933 King Kong - and put some of the items from his collection into this film. These items include Skull Island spears and a brightly painted shield and some of the drums from the sacrifice scene.

watch the trailer:

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