Monday, April 18, 2011


monkeyrating: 8/10
genre: adventure sci-fi

waddabout: an accident in a park full of cloned dinosaurs unleashes pre-historic, giant reptilian hell for its preview visitors.

isay: If there is one movie from my childhood that i can remember to have had the highest impact on all merchandising and marketing gimmicks worldwide - it has to be this one! the scale of the movie was EPIC!!! every child owned a dino tee, a dino toy, a dino lunch box, every adult had a dino film, a dino theme dinner and what not! then adn ever since, i havent seen a movie so epic in its effect on the minds of the people - this movie was the BIRTH of the DINOSAURS in the modern era! MUST WATCH!

monkeyrespect to: STEVEN SPIELBERG!!!! who else??? the man has vision in the true sense! to have made an extirely non-existent world come alive and capture the imagination of an era - it takes more than just vision -it actually takes balls to dream that big!!!

the sound and sfx teams have done a job so brilliant that people even today follow their lead. the music grips you, the sounds make you twitch every known and unknown muscle - this movie is a piece of technical brilliance!!!!

to think of it, at the time, this movie was the best piece of shit to ever grace the dolby stereo surround sound system!!!!!! ROOOOAAWWWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!
MICHAEL CRICHTON's book JURASSIC PARK deserves mention - for it wud not be possible to have this masterpiece if it werent for his imagination to run prehistorically wild. scientifically inaccurate, but entertainment-wise genius!!!

trivia note: Steven Spielberg always uses a sign with directions or instructions as a joke. In JP, the T-Rex's jaws fill up the side-view mirror of the car, with the mirror reading, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear."

Watch the trailer: the jelly scene is still fresh in my mind!!!

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  1. I absolutely loooved this as a kid. I was way too young to watch it but I had a thing for dinosaurs at the time so my godfather smuggled me in. Man was I scared!

  2. Trivia Note : Interest in Dinosaurs wasnt very high till this movie came out, after this movie they are now part of all pop culture as well as paleontological interest in them have increased and hasnt reduced till now!


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