Tuesday, April 5, 2011

King Kong (peter jackson's)

monkeyrating: 8/10

genre: Drama Action Adventure Romance

waddabout: a movie producer cheats his cast and a hunter's ship to travel to an unexplored island, where they encounter a giant ape - who falls in love with the leading lady. leading to a fateful tale of blind romance.

i say: one of the first films ever to make me cry was the ORIGINAL king kong from 1933. Peter Jackson's version has the same impact - with better effects. this is one of the movies that never fails to move me(read as make me cry). Must Must Watch!

monkeyrespect to: Peter Jackson - for managing to capture the essense of the original and deliver it in a way that is entertaining even to the modernday viewer. If it weren't for his brilliance, this epic romance would have probably been lost in film archives of the days gone by.

Needless to say, the Sound and VFX team for this movie is THE SHIT! brilliant would be an inadequate word! they are what make this movie a 110% cinematic treat - under Jackson's control ofcourse!
among the actors, Jack Black has this amazing capability to just bring his attitude into every role he plays - even in King Kong he's inescapable! he seals the movie with the most memorable words from the movie: which is the same in the 1933 one.

"its not the airplanes, its beauty that killed the beast."

 trivia note: Peter Jackson owns a number of props from the original 1933 King Kong - and put some of the items from his collection into this film. These items include Skull Island spears and a brightly painted shield and some of the drums from the sacrifice scene.

watch the trailer:

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