Friday, January 4, 2008

Thank You

In the middle of nowhere, in the midst of the night, at the beginning of the new year - I stand and I look at the mirror. It crosses my mind that this year, unlike every year, I did not give my new-year ‘drunk’ speech/lecture that I give to my people. I feel like writing it down. I think of it. It makes me smile.

It’s not my usual narcissistic smile that comes out of loving myself. It’s different, it’s a smile that comes from a way deeper part of me. It’s a smile of thanks.

A smile of gratitude.

Gratitude towards everyone and everything that has made my life complete.
Gratitude towards those people who have loved me for what I am.
Gratitude towards those, who have scorned me for what I am. Gratitude for those lessons that I learned between these two.

I feel grateful towards those who put their faith in me. I feel grateful even to those who never stopped doubting me. I’m grateful to life for having shown me the difference.

I’m glad I’ve found friends I can trust my life with. I’m glad I’ve found strangers who’ve trusted me like friends. I’m glad I’ve been worthy of all the trust they’ve placed in me.

I feel obliged to the people who tried to put me down. I feel obliged towards the people who let me stay down. I’m obliged I could learn to stand back up on my own.

Im grateful for the dreams that I’ve been able to dream. I’m grateful to life for giving me the wings to achieve them. I’m just a little much more grateful to those who mocked at my dreams - for they’ve driven me to soar far beyond.

I feel a sense of gratitude towards my parents and my friends for not having being judgmental towards me. I feel even more thankful to them for having taught the same to me.

I’m obliged towards those ‘friends’ who backed out on me. For it is them that showed me what real friends are meant to be.

I’m grateful to my teachers for having slowed down for me to learn. I’m even grateful to those who bled my hands because they couldn’t slow down. I’ve grown from what I’ve learnt in the difference.

I’m grateful for the people who taught me that money isn’t everything. I’m grateful for having learnt that it is something best said when you are rich enough in the first place.

I’m grateful to circumstances for having shown me both – the rich and the poor days. I’m grateful to life for having taught me that ‘money’, as often misconstrued, isn’t the same as ‘wealth’.

I’m thankful to the only woman I ever been in love with, for having been there by me. I’m thankful for the smiles, for the hurt, for the life I lived – I shared with her. I’m thankful to her for having helped me learn that some things, even if apart, do find a way to last forever.

I’m grateful to the only girl whose heart I ever broke. I’m even more grateful to her for having forgiven me and been my friend nonetheless. I’m grateful for the ways in which she’s made a better me.

I’m glad to have lived with people who’ve had the heart to trust me, more than their own prejudices.
I’m glad to have found people who opened their hearts to me. I’m grateful to them for having shown me the courage to live with an open heart.

I’m grateful to my colleagues and seniors for having shared their minds with me. I’m grateful for their honest views and for having been a ‘team’ with me. I’m grateful for the growth they endowed me with.

I’m grateful to all so many people and all so may things, that maybe if I had to name, I probably couldn’t even name them all. But I’m grateful. Grateful for it all. Grateful to them all.

I’m grateful to the gods, to the spirits, to the world and to every power above and around me, for having given me this life that I so love having lived.

I’m grateful to every bit that has made my life complete.

I FEEL grateful. I FEEL gratitude.

Thank you everyone. It makes me smile.

Thank you.

- Pushkaraj Shirke


  1. :)

    Keep smiling all yea thru
    god bless


  2. im sorry for all those who tried posting comments and cudnt.. i had turned off 'allow comments' by mistake.

    Thanks so much for all your mails and thanks :)

    am glad to have all of you in my life :)

    meow! :)

  3. Hey,

    Your blog is just super kool :)

  4. amazing...
    Well If i wanted to express my gratitude to the right people and life in general, i would just have to copy paste this post.

    I can sooo relate to it man....Amazing job.

  5. no wonder you call it a new year speech,coz u r full drunk n tats when u get these unusual ideas.

    just kidding
    it was awesome


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