Monday, January 28, 2008


I just joined my new workplace. filled in the forms. logged in. and filled a few more forms and registrations. and then i came across a page that said BIOGRAPHY.
i was wondering what to write in my 'biography'.
Scattered and random as it is - i just wrote what i thought - fragmented and semmingly incomplete - yet most complete to me :)

this is what i wrote:

Me. im just another miniscule subatomic particle on a grain of sand on an endless beach called the universe...
but damn! im still never gonna stop believing that i can change the world!
Yes - that stubbornly narcissistic, unbreakable, emotionally supercharged, dream driven eternal idealist - yes - thats ME.


Growing up as a 'not so normal', dyslexic kid, i learnt one very important lesson - TO LEARN.No matter what i do, what task im assigned, which road i take - i make it a point to keep on learning. To keep an open mind and to soak in the experience. To open - experience - learn - adapt - and improvise.


I learnt all i could - every thing that was possible - beginning with learning to overcome my linguistic differences (i wouldnt call them disabilities). Over the years i learned and managed to excel in public speaking competitions, quizzes, science fests, basket ball compts, cold ceramics, carpentry, fashion show choreography, compeering, dance, oral percussion, script writing, acting, direction, poetry, painting, swimming and more. many more.


I started working as soon as i left school - marketing - working as a door to door salesman (coz my dad told me the best way to learn marketing is in the face of a door that slams on your face). I did a little dubbing. a little modelling. A few months of market research, taught martial arts... and was about to join the navy when ADVERTISING happened to me.
and it has been THE experience ever since.I worked for Alliance advt, Makhija advt, Better Comm and did a lot of freelancing jobs - enjoying each to the core.
And now im here.


and it feels like home.

- Pushkaraj Shirke


  1. Small Man from SevagramFebruary 2, 2008 at 12:19 PM

    B I G M A N
    B I G M A N
    B I G M A N

  2. I have been greatly flabbergasted outta my mind, u r indeed a BIG MAN as the earlier comment states.

    We r all subatomic particles, quarks even compared to thou grain of sand

  3. SEVAGRAM vishal!!!!!

    stop pulling my leg man :P

    you are the BIGMAN... im just a little particle of sand....

    you are the next Bejan Daruwalla!

  4. I second that Vishal is indeed a BIG MAN

  5. abosolutely i know y they say Hardwork pays Back Big...:)


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