Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What's with the look?

Long hair. wavy and un-combed. Grizzly beard. grown over days.

"WHAT'S WITH THE LOOK?" people ask me.
"Why look ugly when you can look good?", "why dont you get a hair cut?", "look a little decent" ...
it goes on and on and on!

what's with the NECESSITY to look good all the time???
Why are people so stuck up on how a person looks?

I have grown my hair. I promised myself to grow them long to test my own patience. but it has not only developed my patience, but also re-affirmed the fact that we have truly grown up into a world where looks play a major role (unfortunately).
How a person looks determines wether you care to start a conversation with him/her. Their looks make them more 'suitable' for a certain job. Looks make a difference on which 'group' you fit in to. and assorted shit.

Being on the creative side, if i dress up well, i encounter comments like "why do you dress up like servicing man?", "you should be wearing torn jeans and kurtas or something man - something 'creative'"
Whats wid that?

One thing as far as work is concerned - looks dont matter, performance does. and that's how it is for me. Most 'CREATIVE' people who roam around dressed as nincompoops from planet zonsipobarro are nothing but people trying to cover up their insufficiency in performance with overty displays of idiocy - so it isnt very surprising that most of them are trainees.
Why cant servicing people supposedly dress casually? The way i've known business, it doesnt bloody matter how you are dressed - what matters is what value you deliver and how much business sense you talk! So what's the big deal?

Coming back to looks - why cant people just be comfortable with the fact that bad hair days are a fact? why cant people just accept the fact that some people grow fatter than they do? why do people get shocked when some good looking woman dosent put on make up or some average looking woman does? Why do men fret when their girlfriends dont doll up at parties? why do women get agitated when their men dont shave when they meet her firends/family?

especially when we all know what the fact is - that we are all human - we all have our faults - and it isnt without learning to love them that we'll ever grow up any better.

We've got just one life! might as well just head out and try out all the weird combinations we WISH to try out!streak your hair, shave it off! grow it long, do nothing at all! dont shave, dont pretty yourself! or pretty yourself and don that suit! LOOK THE WAY YOU WANT YOU TO LOOK! and dont give a bloody damn of what people think! because maybe the most important people in your life are those that love you - as a person - for the person that you are - no matter how crazy, weird, mad, smart, sexy, stupid or dumb you look at the moment, or ever! and they are all that matter.

looking back, Isnt it time we learnt to know people beyond how they look?
Isnt it a fact that every person you know is an individual who'll most probably live further than the way the look?
Isnt it time we learnt to grow up beyond the blinds of our eyes?

i dont know. i cant help just wondering. Im just wondering.

Just growing my hair long... and wondering.

-Pushkaraj Shirke

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  1. Why do people assume that just because someone is 'obsessed' with looks (theirs or others) they are shallow or dont look beyond the obvious.
    While you are wondering about that, also ask yourself why you like your desk to be just so, or love to arrange your icons in ure comp a certain way.
    Much in the same way that you say that were all people after all and should look beyond the obvious, you need to see that we are human after all and it is in our nature to be trrigerd by visual cues - like someones hair that in the process of growing long, actually looks like it was in a battle with a lawn mower.

    think about it.

    P.S: Why were you dressed in semi formals for your interview if looks dont matter.


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