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AYE AYE PIRACY! it's about time video and music 'piracy' became legal

PIRACY - even in the old ages when panzy assed, tight corseted, dumb wigged British colonizers and other European morons were royally getting screwed by looters on the high seas, they knew what to do. They elaborately started buying out pirates and sponsoring their own pirates for bounties! 
They realized that instead of fighting against a rising tide, it was better to merge into the tide and make the most of it. And soon 'pirates' who were pillaging their treasures, were turned into a source of revenue for them! 

PITY morons of our age don't understand the same. And they are spending billions on trying to STOP music and video piracy. WHY? the explanation is only one - blind GREED.
Earlier, music and film artists made millions - they did shows, performances, concerts, earned their money the hard way. Now artists earn billions - doing almost zilch of the effort earlier artists had to put in. and yet, they want more. they want to stop the trickle of money that runs out due to piracy!
To this statement they would argue that it also costs a lot more to promote films and artists now - to which i have only one thing to say: FUCK OFF AND GO FOOL SOMEONE ELSE. Today brand presences are so huge that plain advertising and branding contracts run into zillions each year. Every movie is almost funded in half by advertising and co-branding revenues. Every music artist makes more money out of endorsements than out of music itself - so really, what the fuck are we talking about?

fig: if you can see - piracy makes you film/music available to a lot more people than YOU MARKETERS ever can!!! That means that if it is good, you'll have more fans and more reach to advertising consumers than ever before!!!! FOR FREE!

There's an ancient martial art rule: It's best to use the opponent's own force against him than to exert your own. so why not let piracy work for you? it's time marketers and the entertainment industry learned to go with the tide. A leaked episode of a TV series brings in more publicity and reviews and hardcore followers than anything else. A free to download video of any pop artist becomes an item to share on social networking sites. A leaked film is watched only by morons - the real film audiences watch it on the large screen, still buy original DVDs and memorabilia. In film, there was a time when people were fooled into going into a theatre even to a bad film coz they haven’t heard the review - but now, if your film is bad, its anyways gonna be trashed by word of mouth faster than ever before. so really... what are you afraid of?
if it can be shared, go ahead and share it. It's like free love - it will spread.

CHANGE HAS OVERCOME. Honestly speaking, a few years ago, the scenario was entirely different. I myself was against piracy. but times have changed. Social media and networking has changed a lot. The revenue streams have changed. The audiences have changed. The currency.... has changed.
SHARING is the new currency now. And if what you have to offer, isn't up for sharing, you really really are missing out on something. If you continue to be so insecure about how good you are, you are only going to go one way - and that's south. If you are good, be open - go ahead, share. Let the world know you, discuss you, share your brilliance... and you will get your due credit. The fans will come. The true audiences will buy tickets. The fans will purchase your ridiculous memorabilia no matter how absurd. That's the way it goes.

On a finishing note, all those who find truth in my words(and have already been pirating for ages from home), and those who swear by downloads and free sharing (despite the ridiculously slow download speeds in India), and believe that it IS time for Piracy to be legalised.... SAY AYE!!! 

Singer Joss Stone supports piracy:


  1. Only a handful of musicians actually earn millions of $$. Majority of the musicians bank on live shows to earn money. I disagree with this whole blog buddy. You got to earn money the right way. If I make music, I want people to pay for it. If everyone started endorsing piracy, kids will be discouraged from taking music as a career. Creativity will be stunted.

  2. you contradict yourself. LIVE SHOWS and concerts ARE supposed to be the real money spinners for artists. its about time 'ARTISTS'figured out how to utilize alternate measures of earning money.
    Brand placements, endoresements, live concerts, memorabilia, interactive platforms - these are supposed to be used to bring in money now. Orginal DVDs? sure - the hardcore fans will still buy them - they become a piece of art.
    I can download every movie i want - BUT i still buy collectors edition DVDs - why? coz i respect those movie. I value their authentic memorabilia.
    CREATIVITY will never be stunted for a want of money - please get that right. I'm an artist first and everything else later - and yet I NEVER sell my paintings. Coz i'm PASSIONATE about them. For money, i do other things.
    Money is never/ and never should be an excuse for creative growth. The ORiGINAL, will always live on.

  3. the BIGGEST problem is that EVERYONE wants to do EVERYTHING just for money - for once, just do something out of pure passion and love for it. the monies, will follow.
    When Greyson Chance was singing in his school, he didnt expect to become a youtube craze that would bring him so much fame and fortune. he did it coz he loves singing. the fame and fortune, just followed - thanks to social media.
    and that's just ONE example.

  4. You might want to go through this before you start endorsing Piracy full-time.

    - AACT_India

  5. @ AACT_India,
    i know this report. and as i said - i MYSELF was against piracy 5 years ago. but times are changing.
    why is it that black marketers can provide people with the same quality of stuff that overpriced media houses cant?
    how is it that now you get original hindi dvds for 30 rs - which btw are beating pirated dvds everywhere. coz that's the only way you can fight piracy - legalise it - and COMPETE with it!
    coz MEDIA houses have the power to compete against pirateers in a much better way.
    Piracy is like guerilla warfare - but once you get guerillas and sneaks onto an OPEN GROUND, they are finished. that's the ART OF WAR, darling.

  6. read these myths about music piracy before dissing it:

  7. Ok. Let's say films have advertising and musicians have concerts. But how do you think novelists should make up for their royalty?

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  9. anurag kashyap's take on PIRACY:


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