Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rakta Charitra

Honestly, i'd given up on bollywood. But time and again a remarkable film comes up and reinstills my faith in it. Rakt Charitra is one such flick!
Deeply rooted in true to life tales in central india, the nature of GRASSROOT level politics and the games of crime and power. A brilliant depicttion of the circle of life... and death - through the purest of all emotions - REVENGE.

Rakta Charitra is a biographical tale of a young, idealistic man from Andhra Pradesh, who gets dragged by circumstances to a path or violence, power and revenge. A path flowered with an intense blood curdling conflict between two characteristic individuals.
Moreover, the story is also the ultimate statement on the often heard disastrous consequences of a fatal mixture of cas
te, crime, family feuds and politics.

BTW: The gore in the movie aint for the fait hearted. the story loves its initial grip after the first half. and the typical camera angels start getting on your nerves after a while.

my verdict: Watch it. great story - almost an Indian 'true to life' version of THE GODFATHER. Realism rules.

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