Sunday, January 30, 2011

Get Back in Shape part 2 - Building Muscle While Losing Weight

Of the 10 kgs i had put on, i lost 6 kgs in 30 days.
(this was the regime for that is 3 blogposts below this one)
then, i piled on 2 kgs again - coz i had to give my body time to recuperate from that bootcamp. plus there was travel, friends, parties, housework. Now it's time for....
stage 2 - lose 4 kgs in 30 Days - while building muscle.

You see, losing weight using a lot of cardio excercises and running is easy - coz it dosent matter whether you lose fat or muscle mass.

BUT when you have to preserve/increase muscle and lose the fat, it's a whole different ball game.
Not to forget, im travelling and working too all this while.


So what's the plan?
I'm starting at 68 kgs.
I need to add shoulder muscle mass, leg muscle mass and strengthen and shape all muscles in general. And at the same time, lose 4 kgs.
So i will have to follow a Three Step Plan:
Step 1. Diet
what you eat makes a huge difference. But the best part about heavy weight training is that you SHOULD EAT! :D yaaaaayyy!!! but watch what you eat and don't go over board. Keep is imple.
Breakfast - milk and eggs
Lunch - dabba meal / 2 chicken rolls
Snack - Salad of boiled or sprouted Pulses
Postworkout: Whey Protein Shake
Dinner - Meat or 6 eggs as a salad
Remember to drink lots of water. Protein is heavy to digest. So unless you want to be the GAS bomb, consume a lot of water. Keep a bottle of water around you all day. Even at the gym.
Cheat tip: Lemon/vitamin C in your water helps refresh you faster - especially while working out.

Step 2: Heavy Weight Training
the bigger muscles you have, the stronger muscles you have, the more fat you can convert to energy even without working out! So begin building them.
To do that, I need to get pumping some serious iron. So I will have a 5 day routine to focus on a specific body part each day. Every exercise will be done in 3 sets - with the max weight i can for 8-10 reps each:
Day 1: Chest (pushing muscle)
Day 2: Shoulders and Triceps (pushing muscles)
Day 3: Legs
Day 4: Back and Rear delt and biceps (pulling muscles)
Day 5: Cardio/KickBoxing
I have made a 5 day routine coz i usually end up bunking 2 days each week. (including the one day of rest).

Step 3: Daily inclusion of Basic Cardio Activity:
If i aim to keep losing fat, everyday will have to include a severe warm-up session. I would be following the second half of the 4 minutes of hell workout.(refer to part 1 of this blog for details or youtube it)
Besides, also keep the metabolism running all day by adding a workout into my daily routines:
Climbing Stairs
Dancing/Trekking on weekends/holidays
Skipping 200-300 times every morning

finally, the objective is to build a strong and fit body - not a Ken barbie doll. Don't worry if your abs go into hiding for a while - they are there underneath getting stronger. you'll get them back when you do a CHISELLING WORKOUT next month. I too need to remember that :)

So that's about it. Will keep the blog updated on my progress.

30 Days of pain, here i come!
(Pic: luckily the bastards in 300 had atleast a blockbuster film to look forward to! Glory, my ass!)

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