Thursday, January 6, 2011

OH YEAH, on TWITTER I AM.... (oh so great!)

Have you been on twitter??? if yes, and you are bored, just hop around reading random people's descriptions. I'm absolutely amused reading people's self-descriptions on TWITTER.
Some are delusional.
Some are over modest to the extent that they literally seem to be shitting on their own face!
Some are just blah.
Some are busy living out their loserville fantasy.
Others are just content calling themselves 'cool' names

Some self-proclaimed 'talents' for eg:

SAMEERA REDDY: Actor by profession! happy to be part of Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali films! (yes, without knowing ANY acting, that's quite a feat!)
NEHA DHUPIA: ACTRESS (yeah right! in which world darling?)
VIVEK OBEROI: Bollywood Actor,Social worker, adventure sports enthusiast, poet,Pilot, Dreamer.... (yeah sure, dreaming that you will be called an actor SOMEDAY!)
And what is it with girls/women who love to claim to be a BITCH?
looks like twitter is a release for their 'being a bitch' fantasy.
I've lost count of how many women claim to be a 'bitch' on twitter!
And then there's the PHILOSOPHICAL junta.
all the philosophical big words they found wherever they went - whether they understood them or not - they managed to put them up on twitter for sure!!! So many 'vagabonds', 'literati', 'lost soul', and 'ethereal' and 'transient being's on twitter that it seems like a crash course in philosophy and the art of douchebaggery!
not to forget those who cant think of anything therefore just decide to vent out their lack of iamgination in the form of angst againt the world. case in eg: 'You dont need to know', 'fuck off', 'whatever i am, im better than you' LOL... idiots!
and how can i forget the kids? the minute you see descriptions that use the ALPHABETS of their name to demonstrate their personality traits... you know its a kid or an adult with an equivalent IQ. in the same genre there will be those that put their ASTROLOGICAL sunsign descriptions as their description. dudes and dudettes, a million other people are the same - WHAT are YOU????

yes, there are a few intelligent and genuine descriptions - that are a pleasure to read and worth your while in a good way. But these hilarious ones outweigh them a thousand to one!!!! Go, see for yourself!
btw, what's your twitter self description??? :P


  1. Twitter is an amusing place. The extent to which people'd go to sound cool and grab attention. I stopped seeing my TL 20 days into it! :P


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