Friday, January 19, 2007

Belief... is everything! (a letter to my friend)

am keepin this letter here so that you (my friend) can red it wenever you want to and still know that im always there by u.

dearest _____,
i know im a kid... and maybe no even in a position where i can talk about life...
but what i know and what i have seen does give me quite a picture of life - as it is. So i just wanted to share it wid u.Dreams, hopes, ambitions... these are things that keep us alive -
u complete them and you find happiness (which for all of its moments is very worth it) -
u fail to achieve them and you are hurt with a shit load of pain... a pain that hurts so bad that it sometimes feels like it peels your soul out of your skin....

but what hurts most---- is when you lose out on them - when you give up your dreams and just throw them away.

No matter how it is... you got to keep fightin... you got to keep goin...for no matter what the result--- u atleast have the courage to tell yourself that u WENT FOR IT. you fought. u did it all.

Success and failure isnt in our hands---- but effort is.and i want to see you succeed... and i know you want it too.
So just crease out the speed breakers and just go full throttle...coz there aint ne other way that the plane will fly.
I believe in your goals,
i believe in ur strength,
i believe in your will...
i believe... in YOU.

- Pushkaraj Shirke

Thursday, January 18, 2007

What do we live for : ethics or evolution?

A friend of mine recently came across a study that explained why is it that genetic dispositions make women more tolerant of sexual infidelity and men more tolerant of emotional infidelity. 

According to this theory, over the ages, through the process of evolution it has been necessary for man to safeguard the propagation of his own 'kind'/'race' - so it is upto him to keep his device of propagation sexually for his own (the woman) as for the woman, it is important to safeguard her own survival and comfort, therefore is more tolerant of her man's sexual infidelity as long as she gets the security. 

This article made my friend wonder whether we just live subject to the rules of evolution, or do we have a life of our own? Do we aspire for goals other than the mere propagation of our species??? Are we just another chink in the chain??

what is the purpose of the life of those people who aspire for more than just the propagation of their species and their survival? Where do the people who aim for higher virtues stand?

In answering this...

I’m no expert, and maybe all that i am about to say is crap... but it is my perspective of life.
Dear friend,

just look around the pages of history...

look hard and you will see all those who live for propagation - Live on! Live their life - Propagate their race - Go on and on and on. That surely does support the theory!
but now look deepr......

Look at the various civilizations. Most of the non-violent, god-fearing, sweet-little kind of people died out the soonest! They got taken over, raped and murdered by the VICTORIOUS, STRONGER RACES. The stronger race lived on.
Now look at the barbarians - violence -killing -zero virtue... yeah they lived, they raped they murdered - but got washed out too!

Romans and Egyptians - the races with a balance of the shit called politics and cunning and the beauty called culture.... the civilizations lived... lived long and able... but what lasts of them today?? Only memories?? Awe and admiration???

All those who have aspired for immortality through their race - by the so-called theory of evolution, have probably ended up just as a chink in their long chain of ANCESTRAL DATA. Lived a long life, had a huge family, enjoyed all there is to life... and poof! back to the dust... just another addition to the manure of the planet.

The one thing that probably really lives on to immortality is your spirit, your pride, your soul - everything else is bound to the dust and will go back to it again sometime. Honour, faith and love - these things and all such supposedly IMPRACTICAL things and the pain and happiness attached to them are what really make a LIFE.

As I’d would put it, Everyone lives, but only a few are ALIVE.

All said and done... in the shortest way of it all:
"I'd rather live a short life worth living, than a long life that aint worth a dime."

- Pushkaraj Shirke

hope that answered your question... good luck.

Keep on living.

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