Friday, January 18, 2008

Being 'Decent'

D.E.C.E.N.C.Y ?

What is decency?
I was just talking to a nice creature that i encountered and this topic came up - so thought about it...

what is this 'decency'? more importantly, being percieved as highly indescent by a large proportion of people including teachers and society folk, what's DECENCY to ME??

I guess this would be it.

To me, decency is about having an attitude that gives 2 fucks to what the world thinks about you--- but at the same time honestly giving 2 fucks about causes that need your assistance-- it may be the welfare of a million refugees, attending to a sick dog by the road side-- or as you said-- helping and old man cross the road irrespective of who he is...

decency is about staying sober while all others are sloshed so that u can make sure nobody messes with your friends-- not even yourself.

decency is about not making out with drunk women.

decency is about not abusing relationships. decency is also about abusing the shit out of assholes who take advantage of your friends and family.

decency is about respecting your elders. decency is also about smashing the shit out of the lecherous old man who tries to grope your friend.

decency is about respecting people. It is also about having the balls to not give respect to those who DEMAND it.

decency to me is about hugging and kissing your girl like there's no one around in case you have'nt met her for a long time (which depending on the situation can also be 10 mins) ... but just toning it down a little if there are too many relatives/family/elder ppl around. (i repeat, just a little)

decency is about screaming out to call a long lost friend you see at a mall. it is also about keeping shut if it happens to be at a funeral.

decency to me is about not putting up pretences and being yourself- with the caution that you dont offend others too much in doin so... and walking away if that is the case.

decency to ME - is well, just about being myself. as far as can be.

-Pushkaraj Shirke


  1. hey your blog on decency was very apt!i hope you wouldn't mind me,giving a few more meanings to decency.Decency to me means respecting others and yourself.Decency is to make the other person comfortable.

  2. Hey Mr. Decent..
    This blog is so apt...
    You so easily put ur thoughts in words...
    Love u 4 this..

  3. hey there
    thats a pretty decent take on decency... i guess what you are saying is that decency is to let other people have their space and expect them to reciprocate the same and let live..

  4. Well decency has quiet a few connotations. And I guess it’s even very personal to everyone. For what I think is decent may not be for the other. Yet if I were to ask myself what decency is to me---I’d say “having a life of my own and letting others have theirs”.

    Basically, decency to me is not getting judgmental about anyone. Not even myself. I think if something seems right to me I’d just do it.

    Life’s way to short. Do everything and anything that keeps you happy!

  5. In my opinion that was said perfectly!!!

  6. Decency... not defined here.. etched from the traces of your life...!!

  7. Decency... not defined here.. etched from the traces of your life...!!

  8. Decency... not defined here.. etched from the traces of your life...!!

  9. Decency... not defined here.. etched from the traces of your life...!!

  10. My life is the greatest education i got.

    adn as stated in the intro--- everything here is etched out from my experiences in life and from experiences of those people that have been a part of my life.

    this is just another fragment of my understanding of life.

    Its not an advice or reccomendation - its an understanding.

    you may differ. if you wish to.


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