Monday, June 30, 2008

To everything...

Sloshed to the core by the end of the night. My amazing amazing friends who made it there. Cake. Booze. Chocolates. Drunk singing. Freestyle dancing. Tequila shots. Evil photo sessions! Damn those horns! I dunno where to start and where to end!
So just putting down my thoughts as i raised the final toast of the day i finally turned 6,

To Friends...
I know im quite a dumbass and a clown. But whatever it may be, as a friend, im the guy you can always count on. I'm the guy who never breaks his word. And have always been so. And yeah, that's something worth bragging - coz i hardly know a few others who can boast of the same. So to friends for whom i've always been there, and who cudn't be there on that one day in a year... there's not much i can say except that i forgive you.
But what's more important is all those amazing friends of mine who made it a point to be there with me - despite the fact that they had their exams the next day, despite the fact that it was 2 a.m. post a long day at work, despite the fact that they were scheduled to leave the city at 6 a.m next morning and what not!
I love you guys. A LOT! (and bloody hell you know when I say A LOT i mean a LOT more than just a LOT!)
I love the fact that i have found friends like you in a place so fucked up as plant earth!
So this drink is to you. And to the fact that i so love you.

To Winning...
The last time i remember losing is when i gave up winning to win back my soul. That's a long story. But over time i've realised that probably the one thing i do best - is this thing called winning. And it's time i take it on full throttle again. Coz it's like being a fish and not wanting to swim. The only difference is that from now on the fields, the courts, the stages are gonna be different.
I love winning. And I'm made for it. And I'm no longer going to keep away coz it scares others or intimidates the shit out of them.
So this drink is to that one thing i do best. Win.

To love...
To my grandfather and greenapple. and to everyone who's had the heart to be a part of my weird little life. that's all i'll say here.

And to everything in life.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bike trippin'

Me and my panther on the way back frm the road trip. The gang in the back ground. Crazy times.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The List!

From my range of insane things to do, I do this one particularly regularly. Once a year almost - Birthday or New Year.

There's this stoopid thing i do. First, i got to be drunk. Not that that helps exactly, but it kinda frees your mind. Or maybe i just prefer doin it when im drunk (which happens only twice a year :)). Then next, i got to be with my best friends, or people i really trsut - so that they make sure im actually thinking clearly.
And then! I make the list of alllllllllllll the things i want to do/accomplish within 12 months from that day!

I call it THE LIST. It's kinda like what you see in the movie 'The Bucket List'. But only that i started this ritual long before the movie released. and i do it yearly. Not once in a lifetime. And i put in allllllllll sorts of things! and make sure they are done! :D


So peoples, do you think this is a good idea??
I was wondering if you could suggest things that one must must must do in a lifetime???
It may be crazy, fun, nice, romantic, aspirational, save the world types, kill the world types, nething at all!!!! Just lemme know! :) Coz my this year's list is gonna come up soon :) and i really need to know what new things i can add in :)

Then maybe we can just go on discussing bout things that are really really worth doing. (pun maybe intended).

For reference, i'll put up what was my last year's list of things to do:
1. Discover whether true love exists.
2. Get __ lakhs into my bank account.
3. Buy my mother a diamond ring.
4. Get my own house.
5. make short films.
6. Learn a new sport (parkour)
7. Learn ball-room dancing.
8. Experiment with the top-most speed limit of my bike.
10. Apologise to all the ppl i may have ever hurt.

So... what's worth adding in this year?
[ if you are orkut, you can add in here too : ]

Thursday, June 5, 2008


"Fit into this. Fit into that. Be part of group. Have fixed circle. Build your social support system. Be with people. Be around people. Do like they do. Be like they do." WHY THE HELL?

From the first memeories i have, i remember being alone. Playing within my mind. Bonding with the silence that surrounds me. In love with the wind that kisses my face. Passionate about everything i choose to do. AND THEN I REMEMBER BEING ASKED TO FIT IN.

From nursery to school. From school to the hostel. From hostel to college. and a different college. At work. At home. It is the same "why dont you fit in?".

The way i look at it, some people are made not to fit in. I'm definitely not. And maybe that's just how it is.

I don't NEED 'fitting in'. Why should YOU bother? Cause you 'fit in' and are happy? or cause you made compromises to 'fit in' and now feel it occward to meet some one who didnt and is still happy? Why?

Over the years, i've learnt to be social. I've learnt to reach out and connect. I've learnt to understand and bond with people. BUT I'VE NEVER REALLY MANAGED TO LEARN TO STAY. The way i've learnt it, friendship isn't a forced dependance. A 'you NEED to hang out with me', a 'you NEED to do this with me' or a 'we NEED to have fun together' isn't it. Be friends. Be there for your friends. But that's it. Why be a groupie?? Why be a herd??

Let's see. I have over 500 friends. And yes, they are all amazing people. Smart, emotionally receptive, great human beings. But there are just a few that make it to being the people i'd come back home to. A few friends that really understand my silence amongst even all the words i blabber off the top. A few friends that i care about beyond my life. And i guess they are all that truly matter to me.

It's like being the lone wolf. You have a pack of your own. But you need to stray away. Its the wild that calls out to you. You are always there for your pack. You'd give everything for your pack. But you don't NEED to be a part of it.

Being alone isn't the same as being lonely. My happiness lies within me. While other people NEED others to have a great time, i don't always do. Sometimes, i'm best left to being myself. Kind of like the lone wolf that i am within.

Wild. Free. And sometimes, best left ALONE.

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