Monday, June 30, 2008

To everything...

Sloshed to the core by the end of the night. My amazing amazing friends who made it there. Cake. Booze. Chocolates. Drunk singing. Freestyle dancing. Tequila shots. Evil photo sessions! Damn those horns! I dunno where to start and where to end!
So just putting down my thoughts as i raised the final toast of the day i finally turned 6,

To Friends...
I know im quite a dumbass and a clown. But whatever it may be, as a friend, im the guy you can always count on. I'm the guy who never breaks his word. And have always been so. And yeah, that's something worth bragging - coz i hardly know a few others who can boast of the same. So to friends for whom i've always been there, and who cudn't be there on that one day in a year... there's not much i can say except that i forgive you.
But what's more important is all those amazing friends of mine who made it a point to be there with me - despite the fact that they had their exams the next day, despite the fact that it was 2 a.m. post a long day at work, despite the fact that they were scheduled to leave the city at 6 a.m next morning and what not!
I love you guys. A LOT! (and bloody hell you know when I say A LOT i mean a LOT more than just a LOT!)
I love the fact that i have found friends like you in a place so fucked up as plant earth!
So this drink is to you. And to the fact that i so love you.

To Winning...
The last time i remember losing is when i gave up winning to win back my soul. That's a long story. But over time i've realised that probably the one thing i do best - is this thing called winning. And it's time i take it on full throttle again. Coz it's like being a fish and not wanting to swim. The only difference is that from now on the fields, the courts, the stages are gonna be different.
I love winning. And I'm made for it. And I'm no longer going to keep away coz it scares others or intimidates the shit out of them.
So this drink is to that one thing i do best. Win.

To love...
To my grandfather and greenapple. and to everyone who's had the heart to be a part of my weird little life. that's all i'll say here.

And to everything in life.



  1. I bow to thou
    I bow with blessings
    U knocked ur head off
    but live... alive
    With no limb or moment missing!

    You missed the heartbeat
    but gained again the time
    Time for being born again
    Time to finally believe the winner is alive!

    God Bless You!

    (I wrote it.. :) )

  2. I love u toooooooooooo.....


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