Friday, July 18, 2008

Million Dollar Baby

monkeyrating: 9/10

genre: drama sport

waddabout: a professional boxing trainer cum manager helps a determined woman from a low economy class to achieve her ambition of becoming a boxer. the consequences that follow, grip them all.

# This movie is a brilliant piece of work no matter what many hard bred critics might say - it moves you if you have a heart. And is truly deserving of every nomination it got. Its a movie that leaves you out in the open with all the world has to offer - the good and the bad. And in a characteristic Clint Eastwood style, leaves you open to your own conclusions.

monkeyrespect to: Clint eastwood! for making this masterpiece! The boxing sequences are well done, the actors are simply brilliant, the direction is perfect. He actually got Hillary Swank to really train in boxing to do this movie, and that's more than just obvious by the performance she has delivered. She deserves monkeyrespect for that too!

Morgan Freeman's undershadowed performance is the layer of calm in this movie!
The intensity of each of their performances grips you as if it were all for real. If you are the kind who has grown out of hardships, this movie is sure to move you deeply.
I say: You got to own this DVD if you ever have the courage to open up and shed a tear in front of someone else. As this is one movie which will most definitely move you. No matter what.

Unlike most boxing/sports movies, this is not an all out inspirational movie. This movie is LIFE. And What's the best part of it is the misty hollow hope filled feeling the movie leaves within you at the end.
I wouldn't want to disclose it here simply for the reason that YOU need to watch this movie to know exactly HOW it FEELS.
Watch the trailer:

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