Friday, July 25, 2008

Remember the Titans

monkeyrating: 9/10

This is the movie most coaches and sportspeople would wish they had seen earlier. This is the movie many teamleaders would wish to own. This is the movie, no matter who you are or what you do, will open your eyes to INSPIRATION.

waddabout: Based on a true story, this movie is the amazing tale of triumph - not of a sports team alone, but also that of trust above colour - and of humanity over prejudice. It depicts the touching tale of how a mixed colour sports team in a colour conscious america witnessed its own transformation of unity and drove it to overcome everyone. How one small group of people could set an example for a nation. And of how one small man, with one small job - of coaching a local football team, could MAKE THAT POSSIBLE!

This movie is apart from most other inspiring movies in the sense that it thrills, if feels, it makes you move and jump in your couch - and in your head. It goes beyond a docu-drama movie into the realms of sheer gripping entertainment and yet manages to deliver its message as perfectly as possible.

monkeyrespect to: Denzel washington is definitely the star of this movie. No one could have delivered this role with more conviction than him. You can FEEL him make the miracles happen!

watch out for: music that gets you addicted, great performances and gooosebumps during the sport sequences!
i say: I definitely recommend this movie to every one.
Get the DVD. and share it with 'your team' for sure.


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