Friday, July 18, 2008

Sadma - Bollywood's most overlooked classic

One of the best movies to come out of India, SADMA is a mindblowing piece of film-making. ONE HAS TO WATCH THIS MOVIE!

Unlike most Bollywood crankies, this one is not just a sobby tragic story - its a movie in the true sense. It MOVES you.The movie is about a man who rescues a woman from a brothel as she is mentally challenged (due to an accident). And eventually falls in love with her. The movie flows through their entire story of bonding and innocent love right up to the end. Where comes the most powerful and wrenching twist of it all! (you have to watch it to know it).The pain and the love, the trauma and the happiness -both lost and found shall sway you to tears. Kamal Hasan's performance as the simple hearted man in love with a mentally challenged girl (Sridevi) is absolutely brilliant.

For me, this was the movie that made me realise that movies can make you cry!This movie is definitely the finest piece of work from the classic ages of Bollywood. A MUST WATCH!

The most beautiful song from the movie - 'Aye zindagi, galy laga ley':

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