Friday, July 18, 2008

Kill Bill - Vol.1

"Vengeance is a dish best served cold." Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece onscreen adaptation of THE BRIDE (a Japanese graphic novel) is one hell of a show! from blood and gore to philosophy from music to moves - this movie is one piece of work that'll leave an image on your mind for life! The best saga of rage and revenge you'll ever come across! This movie definitely features on my top 10 of FILM-MAKING greats.

The way Tarantino brings post-modernism to cinema is artistic! He has used almost every possible trick in the book of simplicity to add effect to every scene as an individual piece. Black and white scenes, animae, monotone film, graphic novel style edits - he's used it all within this one film. Uma Thurman carries her role of a revenge seeking killing machine to perfection. But hey, that's like the welcome cherry on the cake. And then there's the music! You'd wonder where all Tarantino went to scout for his music! Authentic Japanese music, techno, retro, country, jazz, pop - every soundtrack used in the movie is just so different and fresh and so perfectly in tune with the movie scenes that it blows your head off!

The gore is really level ten gore though, you may be warned. There is so much artistic bloodshed in the movie that my mom was duly thrilled. Yes, she loves violence - as long as its coming from a woman. As in Kill Bill. Maybe that's why this movie is many a girlie's favourite too. Great way to get over your ex! Pop in some pop corn and watch that woman smash those men! Awesome!

Get the DVD - it's worth it. (For whatever reason you choose)
A fan made remix mash up of one of the most awesome scenes from the movie - crazy 88 v/s the bride:

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