Monday, August 9, 2010

Tata Photon - a consumer's nightmare!!!!

Pushkaraj Shirke i purchased a TATA PHOTON connection from TRISHALA MARKETING. When i called just dial for a photon connection, these touts from trishala came over promising me a good deal. they sent their servicemen to deliver it to me, collect cash and collect address proof from me.
within one day the connection was disconnected.

said it was cause the address proof was incorrect. i had specified when i purchased it that i had moved to a different house, which address proof they would have to collect the next day. they never came.
i have called over a hundred times to collect address proof, but no one ever comes despite promises being made.further on when i asked for a refund, they claim to have registered a complaint which according to them takes 7 days to be registered.


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    • Tata Photon
      Seems like you've hit a problem spot... could you please provide us with the details of your connection??

      You can either give it to us here or mail it with this issue to 'tatateleserviceslimited[at]'

      we'll escalate your issue as so
      on as our offices open on Monday morning.
      (And thanks for the link to the consumer forum post...)
      Saturday at 2:53pm · ·

    • Pushkaraj Shirke what details do you want?
      i have the useless tata photon device lying at my house for the past three months. 9920394613 is my phone number. give me a call and get it collected from my place asap.

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    • Tata Photon Thank you for your number. Our team will get in touch with you shortly. We'll also need the number of the photon device so we can check against our records to find the issue.

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    • Pushkaraj Shirke the one on the box?
      or the one on the device sticker?

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    • Tata Photon There is a Customer Acquisition Form (CAP) form that you'd have filled when receiving your device. You'll find the Tata Photon number on it. (You may even find it printed on the inside of the box.)
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    • Pushkaraj Shirke
      i gave all those numbers to the person who called. i got 3 calls in one day. had to explain everything three times to each one of them!!!

      if that's not frustration enough, they ask me to go to a shop in lokhandwala and give the details there
      again and check the status of my complaint - and i do that after waiting in lin.... and the counter girl tries to bloody cross sell a pre paid connection to me!!!

      on top of that she tells me that my complaint was not registered earlier, so now i will have to re-register it and i will get only 2300 rs back from the 2500 rupees i paid - why??? because 200 rupees is non refundable activation charge!!!!
      activation charge for a service i never used?????? for a fault you guys made in hiring people who'll sell just for the sake of selling irrespective of whether you can or cannot deliver the promised service???

      i refused to submit my device and walked out of that place.
      i think i deserve my full money back and more - for all the 100 calls i had to make, for travelling to the shop over and over again and for facing months of useless inaction from you guys!
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    • Pushkaraj Shirke in any case, here are all the numbers:
      MEID: A1000005006992
      pESN: 801FFC93
      S/N: Z49MAB1011203982

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