Friday, February 2, 2007


The chains that bound me down

i feel them come undone

the searing blades that bleed my soul

now just scrape themselves in vain

flames and ashes now come together

come togeher, make me whole

undying and complete,

reforged, recreated and unleashed

i touch the realms that heed no limits

soaring like the blazen winds

no boundaries, no skies, no ceilings, no chains

i know me now - the me within

the me thats touched by an angel of hope

set free of itself - set free to soar

i have now touched heaven

and i know its true

the dreams of a spirit you have made whole

made me complete

and healed my soul...

healed my soul

set me free

healed my soul...

by your love for me.

-----------Pushkaraj Shirke
(like never before)

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