Thursday, December 21, 2006


this is a scribe i can trace back to my first year of college.....

He looks at the food on the table,
not his, but of someone else,
seems so tempting, so filling for sure,
but its EXPENSIVE to him the menu tells.
Expensive it is, by 10 rupees whole...
it surely can't be his today,
"have your tea and biscuits now",
he can hear his mind to him say. 
He sits alone, tired and pale,
empty pockets and stomach too,
his eyes close with the hunger,
as his dreams run askew. 
"i got to reach home", he remembers,
shall have to walk all the way;
has no money for the bus fare
and home's far far away. 
A tear wells up his contoured eyes,
heavy with hopes for better days,
he wipes off the tear, every single trace,
but the hope and the hunger in there still stays. 
He still keeps hope for better days,
as he burns his wounds and walks his ways....
as he burns his wounds and walks his ways.

-Pushkaraj Shirke

Friday, December 15, 2006

too painful, else anywhere

Countless moons of loneliness,
just stars his blanket of care,
he lay alone, he wept in pain,
to the hatred he laid bare.

Believed a few in innocence,
just thought he should care,
but when he was to ever need them,
all they did was stand and stare.

He loved some, yes, he love some true,
and never knowin why, when, where...
but all he got was his heart toyed with,
and he just watched it burn and tear.

Give, he did, with his heart wide open,
for their love, as if it were a fare,
he gave and gave till it hurt within
and they said it was their just share.

Countless moons of loneliness,
just stars his blanket of care,
he's now happy someway, in all his pain,
...coz its just too painful, else anywhere.

-Pushkaraj Shirke

Thursday, December 14, 2006

life... people...& happiness

surrounded by a million ppl,

in world of hate and lies,

i live my life in loneliness,

believin i'll be wise..

but still dreams but of happiness

always linger in my eyes

-i guess its born of those people

who bind me with their ties.

-Puhkaraj Shirke

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

beginning from nowhere......

blogs blogs blogs....

why??? what??? when??? blogs arent me exactly---- but the world does change---- so whay not try change---- so here i am---- doin somethin that i think i dont like-- WRITING a bloody forsaken blog!!!!!!

why------ coz jus sometimes-------- you got to do those things you dont like----

maybe u discover hat you may like them! maybe u discover that u hateeee them!! but ateast u DISCOVER something!

so here i am------------- at nowhere!!!! at a site i dont eve know---- startin a blog----------- getting beyond my own likes and dislikes for the moment------

sharin a little bitsy small piece of my wierd little life :)

hello world! :)

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