Tuesday, December 12, 2006

beginning from nowhere......

blogs blogs blogs....

why??? what??? when??? blogs arent me exactly---- but the world does change---- so whay not try change---- so here i am---- doin somethin that i think i dont like-- WRITING a bloody forsaken blog!!!!!!

why------ coz jus sometimes-------- you got to do those things you dont like----

maybe u discover hat you may like them! maybe u discover that u hateeee them!! but ateast u DISCOVER something!

so here i am------------- at nowhere!!!! at a site i dont eve know---- startin a blog----------- getting beyond my own likes and dislikes for the moment------

sharin a little bitsy small piece of my wierd little life :)

hello world! :)


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging...Hope you discover that you do like it....

    Nice beginning....

    Watch out for the typos though..People might think you are dyslexic :D

  2. awww sweeto, i see that you are upset, i hope things turn out better for you and i hope you keep smiling!! God Bless ya!


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