Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 Weeks. 10 Experiments.

I'm taking 10 weeks and turning them into 10 personal experiments. at the end of these ten weeks, there's no certificate or trophy or even anything directly material to gain. but just getting a better sense of yourself and your needs might be worth it. and of course there's the fact that drastically altering your life/routine from time to time boosts up your IQ and EQ. and maybe it will even give add a few fun experiences worth sharing. so here goes nothing:

Week 1: Disconnect
Disconnect from Facebook, Twitter and Email for a month. Login only once a week. If people need to talk, they can call or meet.

Week 2: Change Diet
Absolutely change your diet for a month. Pick a diet that really tests you - but pick one that you know will be good for you. Consult a nutritionist if need be. Like if you are looking to gain definition, go on a fully ketogenic diet of only proteins and fats. No sugar. No dairy. No breads and rotis and rice. And no going out for dinners unless its steaks and meats.

Week 3: Alternate Transportation
Need to break the set rhythms of transportation i have developed. So for a Week, only walking or use the public transport. No Motorcyling or driving down to any place.

Week 4: Add a Fitness Dimension
Invert your workout routine. We generally tend to leave one out of the 5 dimensions of fitness overlooked. So need to get back to basics. for eg: For a strong person, doing full Stretches for 1/2 an hour everyday for a month. Aletrnatively, if you are more flexible, focus on getting strong/fast/agile/powerful - take your pick.

Week 5: Hardcopy Memories
Pick and Print 100 or 200 photos from the previous years. memorable tickets, notes, poems, printouts. Compile them all into an album/albums/scrap book. All this modernday digitization has made hardcopies of memories so scarce to find. A few retro things could be worth going back to.

Week 6: Create and Share
It seems like a youngling thing to do, but its not. There are so many better things to vent out and share than just the regular facebook and twitter rants. Much better if the blog is APPRECIATIVE and shares what you LOVE.

Week 7: Learn a Skill
Take one week to learn a new skill. Pick any you like and go do it.

Week 8: Re-educate
Join a new class or certificate course. There are so many new things to learn. Cookery, mobile repair, dancing, photography, editing, vedic maths, foreign languages. take your pick.

Week 9: Keep off an Addiction
We all have an addiction or two. might be as simple as coffee and sweets or as complicated as alcohol and sex. Keep off it completely for a week and see how it feels. You can always go back to it after a week. but just for this week, see how it feels.

Week 10: Spoil Yourself
Clothes, accessories, perfumes, books, dvds, toys, memberships, a vacation - go out and get yourself something you have always wanted to or want to but keep putting it away because its too expensive or think that you dont have the time. For all you know you could be gone soon. Ofcourse, you have to be the judge of where to draw the line of whats acceptable and whats not.

at the end of it all, be safe. don't kill yourself doing something stupid. and don't blame me if you do.
These are just my personal notes and views and i'm not responsible if you do something really stupid while trying to follow them. cheers!

- Pushkaraj Shirke


being a comic book and graphic art fan, i always wanted a comic book helmet - so took out my art box, put my arty side to work and went ahead and made myself one this weekend.
I now custom design helmets for 1000 USD for clients from US, Australia, Dubai, UK and yes, occasionally India too. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


We are raised into being ‘polite', making us forget to keep in touch with the animal that lurks within human nature.

We often don't realize that saying  ‘NO',  ‘creating a scene' or  ‘offending someone' is not always wrong.

And in forgetting these things we often end up taking up responsibilities that aren’t ours to shoulder, taking up the wrong job, marrying the wrong person, putting up with violence and corruption and even falling prey to sexual predators and emotional rapists.

It's time to unblind yourselves.
without shame when necessary. 
Or atleast teach your kids and loved ones to...
even if its already too late for you.

-Pushkaraj Shirke

A Compilation of My Fitness Photography Work

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