Friday, July 18, 2008


When Jenn Stuczynski jumped 4.90 then 4.92 at the US Olympic trials everyone started saying that: 'Isinbayeva is finished, we have a new star’.
Just a week later, Isinbayeva, the world record holder in pole vaulting, proved them all as wrong as can be. At the Golden League in Rome, coming back stronger and harder than before, she broke her own previous world record to set an incredible one of 5.03m!

Now that's what i call Happiness. Pure joy.
Look at her face. You can feel it. You can feel her heart tearing out into shreds as she screamed with happiness.

How many of us have really felt that kind of happiness? How many of us feel that kind of happinesss?
Living our day to day lives like cattle. Going on doing the same routines, day in and day out. Where is the sense of achievement. Or more importantly, hard earned, heart driven, soul tearing achievement!
When was the last time you felt like you'd done the gift of life some justice?
When was the last time you felt that your life was really worth its existence?
When was the last time you drove yourself to something that made you think, 'Yes... I made it possible!'
When was that? For most of us... that was probably long ago. For most... long long ago. And for a few... can't even remember.

When faced with questions and controversy, most of us just hide. Recede. Get hit back into our shells. We fail to realise that what we are shying away from is that little piece of semi sadistic, yet well deserved happiness that lies at the other of silencing our critics for good. And that only comes through a performance that lies beyond ourself. It lies in pushing ourselves beyond the temptation to recede, into the realm of fire driven ambition and persistence. Into a 'mission' to outperform ourselves to what we belive is our true potential. Towards silencing everyone who ever thought otherwise. Towards being what YOU belive you are.

There's no better answer to critique in words. And there's no other ridicule to ridicule in action.
Drive yourself beyond a critique and towards the end, no matter what the outcome - you most probably find yourself still invincible in your confidence - coz you know deep within that you have done what you could to take yourself beyond what anyone could imagine. And that's what counts!

What does it take us to go beyond ourselves to achieve a moment of pure happiness?
Its just a guess, but i think its just a small change of perception.

That's the key i guess. to happiness.



  2. I think what you wrote is really dumb "When Jenn Stuczynski jumped 4.90 then 4.92 at the US Olympic trials everyone started saying that: 'Isinbayeva is finished, we have a new star’."
    Every half-decent knowledgeable sports fan knew that only 1 person was going to win this gold...
    Stop showboating...
    Get real!!

  3. the quotes i used are from CNN News. Go grow some brains,earn some respect and get a life.

  4. Hahaha... Don't get defensive... I'll call you CNNs poster boy or mouthpiece from now on...
    Learn to be more critical of the world around instead of succumbing to inane reporting...
    Yours unrespectfully...
    Me... Hahahahaha...
    P.S.: I have a life (at least what I construe to be one... Don't need somebody else to be God for me...)
    Njoy! :-)

  5. Hey, thanks a lot for responding anyhow... :P

  6. I like how your writing. It comes from your life and heart and most importantly it´s sincere. There will always be people that don´t get it.
    I can only feel sorry for them. Great blog, anyway.

  7. Thanks...

    everybody is open to their own nutshell of a view i guess :)
    makes them feel bigger :)


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