Friday, July 18, 2008


monkeyrating: 8/10

genre: Drama, Crime, Action

waddabout: In a nutshell, this movie is the life in the 90's of the darker sides of the dream the world calls Mumbai.

its just an honest depiction of the web of circumstances in the world - set in the reality of the dream city of Mumbai it drags you into the circumstances of the protagonist, who even as a honest, simple man ends up as an outlaw whilst safeguarding his own self-respect. And how he spirals downwards further into the whirlpools of the underworld and politics.

i say: Definitely one of my favourite Hindi movies!
Graphic and Heartwrenching!

monkeyrespect to: Manoj Bajpayee as Bhiku Mhatre is definitely one of the most memorable characters produced by bollywood. His antics and dialogues are absolutely iconic! He is the life of this movie! And then there's also his whole bunch of fun baddies like Kallu Mama and the gang.

The music is awesome! Even years after watching this movie, i still find myself humming its songs at times. And obviously- the 'junglee'/wild dancing to 'Sapano mein milta hai' - the most crazy track from this movie!
It would be impossible not to respect Ram Gopal Varma's direction and Vishal bharadwaj's scriptwriting talent in this film. it is their best work ever.

watch a scene from the movie: Satya's emotional breakdown:

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