Friday, July 18, 2008

Life is Beautiful

Definitely the most meaningful foreign film of all time! Robert Benigni's 'La vita e bella' or 'Life is beautiful' takes you through simplicity and happiness, humour and love. And then crashes you onto the gruesome realities of war. What conquers is the feeling that love, even against death and the inevitable end - finds a way to live on.

The movie, unlike most meaningful movies dosen't go too hard on you. It is light even in the darkest of scenes. It does not indulge is gory scary scenes that make you go pale. In fact, at times it is so subtle that you don't even realize that it made you cry until you find your tears running down your face.

In a nutshell - this movie takes you on a journey of life, faith and relationships with every emotion that you have got within you! it makes you smile, feel proud, laugh, sniffle, cry and be inspired all at the same time! This movie truly make you realise that yes, life truly is beautiful! Keep a DVD of this movie with you and it shall be your greatest asset someday!

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