Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight - Excellence returns to Gotham!

What a movie!! Absolutely mindblowing! Even if i wasnt a hardcore fan of the dark knight - aka Batman, i'd be blown away!
This movie does absolute justice to the graphic novel and goes beyond. Christosopher Nolan has outdone himself with this piece of art. The Dark Knight goes beyond the genre of an action-caped crusader movie into the realms of philosophy and the nature of the human mind. It graphically as well as overtly explores the concepts of heroism, ethics, justice and choices. Four of the most fundamental issues that have probed people for centuries. This movie explores it, and delivers it with conviction through its characters.
In terms of acting, i can bet on the fact that Heath Ledger will bag an oscar for his negative performance as the clown.
The entire movie is filled with so much drama that the entire 152 minutes of the movie give you the greatest sense of satisfaction you ever found in a theatre.
Im going to watch this movie again for sure. I think you should catch it too.

**BTW, kindly ignore what they have done to the Batman's mask.

Watch The Trailer and get synopsis n stuff at the Official site - which btw is super awesome too:

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