Friday, July 18, 2008

Cinderella Man - An inspiration to every father, husband, soul.

If you are a parent, or a child, if you have ever known what it feels like to be cared for or to care - this is one movie that you must must watch! More than through the trials of a champion, this movies takes you through the trials of a loving father and a caring husband - the pain and desperation of poverty and the faith and power of hope.

Crowe's depiction of the protagonist touches you perfectly in ways that would moisten your eyes if you have in your life ever seen a "rainy" day. Though many would say this is just another boxing movie, i would beg to differ. The critics have their picks against the movie, but i still find it a really inspiring movie. Maybe the most important reason why this movie deserves a place in any good DVD collection is that it teaches you to be a better parent, a better person and a stronger man against adversities.

This movie does to you what 10 self help books would never be able to. It's a little piece on visual nirvana, if i may call it so. Absolutely love the movie! A must addition to your DVD collection.

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