Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Brand: Nike
COPY: Pushkaraj Shirke
Art: Sameer Ketkar

This is my new ad for my portfolio. The mindblowing artwork is done in graffitti style by my pal Sameer Ketkar a.k.a Sammy - one of the best art guys in the industry.
The copy and concept is mine. Thanks to him it screams out sharp the way it does.
The breaks in the copy are on purpose for a broken - tired - fatigued yet 'attitude' feel that comes across in the ad - even in the artwork.

Being a guy who BREATHES sports... tired of the commercialization of my religion {sports} ... tired of the brand brigades... i needed an ad that was allllllll pure sport------ So this was the ad i just had to make!

Do let us know your comments.

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