Monday, November 10, 2014

INTERSTELLAR: What makes it the greatest film of our time?

Films have the potential to not just entertain, but to tell the story of a time, instill an idea, reaffirm a belief and evoke emotions that could lead to a change in people and society as a whole. That is what makes me love film as a format - or rather, cinema. And interstellar conquers all that and more.

monkeyrating: 10/10
this movie has beaten my favourite movie of all time - The Shawshank Redemption, to become my new favourite.

waddabout: As the human race is nearing imminent extinction, a group of brave space explorers have to undertake an interstellar voyage to find a new planet outside of our solar system to sustain life.

Let me go over it segment by segment:

Story and Screenplay: its perfect. it is well written to tell a story that is painted on a massive canvas and yet holds its heart - the core story of the relationship between a father and his daughter. There are no visible loopholes in the story. the writing is scientifically quite accurate - ofcourse its not 100% accurate, but then this is a sci-fi movie, not a documentary. The creative liberties taken are well justified.
Cinematography: Amazing. Spell-binding. Incredible. Not just are the wide panoramic shots cinematically beautiful but they also deliver a meaning - comparing how small we are to the expanse of the universe - and imax truly justifies this experience. In the story telling scenes, the angles are perfect, the shots are concise and the camera movements always add to the story. No scene is there in the movie just for the sake of it. though that credit also partially goes to the editing.
Editing: Flawless. Despite the jumps in timeline and space and a story that moves at a frantic pace, the story is always moving just at the right pace and conveying the entire range of emotions and layers of story that it is meant to. What is even more spectacular is the editing and sound combinations playing between music, sound, and silence so beautifully that it feels larger than life.
Sound and Music: The music is incredible. Instead of going overboard and spacey like it could have been, its stayed grounded in the emotion of each scene as per the need of the scene. Hans Zimmer has outdone himself once again.
Performances: Matthew Mcounaghey delivers yet another oscar worthy performance proving why he is the best actor of our times. the entire cast is perfect to their characters and are entirely believable in their performances.
Direction: Nolan is the GOD of film. And if this movie doesn't win an oscar, my faith in the oscars will be lost forever.

This movie affirms the need for exploring the frontiers of space and the need to demillitarize and work together as one race. It tells of the true problems that face us and hope we will have to deal with it as a race - and in that way, it weaves the path for the future. It is inception - inception of the road that needs to be tread for the future of humankind.

and that is why this movie transcends just being a movie and becomes lot more than that.

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

Monday, November 3, 2014

Dracula Untold

monkeyrating: 7/10

genre: action, drama, fantasy

waddabout: Vlad, a young prince with a murderous past is forced to wager his soul for a power that could save his family and his kingdom from the ruthless Turks.

i say: amazing story! this was the retelling that i always hoped the Dracula legend would get, and i was not dissapointed. BUT the film does carry the pros and cons that come from being directed by an ADVERTISING FILM DIRECTOR:

1. The action and cinematography is splendid. It has the advertising finesse, the wow factor and the attention to detail in post production and vfx.

2. it LACKS the emotional depth necessary in key transition moments that are compelling and actually carry the soul of the movie/story. Having rushed through key moments in which the protagonist makes key decisions takes away from the emotional intensity of the film and rushes it into an action flick.

3. the music and costumes and production design itself is all brilliant and surreally beautiful.

4. the character names and certain segments of the film have been worded very immaturely and without conviction - for eg: the name LORD IMPALER. Yes, its very graphic in thought, but it does not really fit into the story or time and language of the film. yes, people in the time were named for their deeds, but the names were gruesome sounding and had a great reverb to them that translates beyond language: for eg: Ashoka the great was known as CHAND ASHOK translation to ruthless ashoka during his massacring days.

5. the end has a typical screenwriting flaw, but most ad film directors that turn to feature film tend to make it. so i'll forgive that one here. and also not disclose it as a spoiler for those who havent seen the movie yet.

but all these things taken into consideration, the film is still genius and i expect amazing stuff for Gary Shore in the future. This movie is just the beginning for this amazing director and its awesome lead actor.

i say go watch it. 

- Pushkaraj S Shirke

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