Tuesday, April 19, 2011

God is a Curious Child #japan

Medium: Pen on Paper
Style: Line Art Illustration

Incidents like the wave of eartquakes and Tsunamis in japan make you ponder if there is a god. and/or if there is, what is he doing? is there a plan behind this? or is this just an accident. this illustration was my version of that pondering....

It reminds me the time when i was a child and my mother got me this gorgeous little battery operated chimpanzee that would do funny little somersaults... and i loved it. it was my favourite toy. and then one day when i was home alone, i just wanted to see if the toy would do similar somersaults even in water, and off it went into a tub full of water. to my dismay, it just drowned. and later i discovered that it would never work again. Iwas heartbroken. i loved that toy... but just out of curiosity, i had ended up destroying it. I wasnt mean or hurtful. Infact, i ended up causing myself much more hurt than could ever be repaired that night.

so maybe... just maybe... even god is just a curious little child ... filling his toy tray with water not knowing exactly what would happen... but stricken with equal sadness at the havoc unleashed.

- Pushkaraj Shirke


  1. That a lovely doodle. Its beautiful, and I love the words you've written. Though a person slightly bordering on atheism, I must accept that you've written it very well.

  2. @meher: i am but a borderline atheist. if that's what you call it. i dont believe in god as a person or a creature or an ideol or anything specific. my only belief in god is as a force beyond me - a force that gives, takes, creates, destroys and controls the balance of our existence. if you call it god, so be it.


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