Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sucker Punch - the opening

SuckerPunch as a film was a great dissapointment. layered with unnecessary levels of imagination. but at the same time it is a showcase of zack snyder's directorial and cinematic genius. the man is a god with visual treatment. what he lacks in story and script, he makes up for in visual appeal.

BUT most importantly, it is the opening of the film that catches my eye. it's a great short film in itself - silent, dialogueless, music and visuals driven tale. WATCH IT and you'll know why i admire zack snyder despite his failure with suckerpunch.

#of course, you can still go on to watch the entire movie if you want a crash course in visual treatment. but please dont expect anything out of the story. its way too childish and pseudo intelligently layered.

the opening 'short film':

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