Monday, April 18, 2011


monkeyrating: 7/10

genre: adventure comedy animation

waddabout: a pet, identity lackingchameleon is swerved by destiny into the town of Dirt, a lawless wild western town in desperate need of a new sheriff, and a beacon of hope.

isay: I was absolutely looking forward to this one - and it tottally did not dissapoint! one of the rare movies that has something for everyone! gotta watch it i say!

monkeyrespect to: THE ANIMATION TEAM and the MUSIC TEAM - what absoluite awesomeness!!! the camera angles in the animation rock! the music stays in your head long after u've watched the movie and all that is beside the fact that it entertains you to the fullest!!!!
THE MORBID MARIACHI SINGING OWLS?? what a piece of genius - tottally fall in love with em!!!!

Needless to mention - Johnny Depp is kick ass in his voiceover! from the fidgety nervous chameleon to the awesome wild western rango - he does it with typical deppesque panache!

#funny thing is, this movie is rated PG for its RUDE language. but who the F cares i say!!! watch it - enjoy it!!!! i'd show it to my kids - hell yeahhh!!! arrrr!!!

trivia note: The 'spirit of the west' in RANGO is modelled after the one and only - CLINT EASTWOOD! Watch the trailer: AND LISSEN TO THE MARIACHI OWLSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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