Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Title: LuneStream
A Psychedelic rendition of the Moon and the Cosmos. An attempt to capture the melting unision of space and being into timelessness on a 'trip' of ecstacy to outerspace.
Medium: Water Colour + Poster Colour + Acrylic Paints


  1. this is lovely !!!! only this cud b described as a trip within....too!

    hv u used soft pastels they r amazing try them.. ( rembrandt stlye !)

  2. Guess what>?????

    i just am working on the recreation of this with Chalk Pastels!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    coz the effect transitions in Chalk Pastels look absolutely divine!!! :DD

    Glad to know our imagination is on the same track! :)


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