Tuesday, February 7, 2012

new york, i'm helpless loving you.

you blind me
in your lights and darkness.
you freeze me with your coldest winds,
and then crash me against people with hearts even colder,
oh new york,
you amaze me for a moment
soak me in splendors only you can possess
and then you make me burn in disgust.
you set me on fire and then soothe the pain away...
with a song in your streets...
the voice of a man with no place to call home.
your stark parody of human life.
oh new york,
you spin me around, my mind and soul,
your speeding lives and mettalic monsters of fate,
and then you bring me still,
face to face with the myself beyond my reflections,
a reflection i recognized no more.
a creature i've come to be from the man that i was.
you reveal me, in you.
oh new york,
i so hate you, for all you are,
but then again, i'm not made in you....
and i'm still helpless loving you.

- Pushkaraj Shirke

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