Wednesday, June 13, 2007

10 grams

"Whoa fucker!"
the flutter of cards filled the dingy room as they were thrown at my face from the table.
"thats the tenth game in a row man!" he said. guzzling down his whisky.
"fair and sqaure man. fair and square."

"thats it boy! i aint layin anymore bets today. Jesus is taking his vengeance against me today!"

The clutter of now empty bottles on the floor tinkled as the drunk gun-man heaved his grisly frame against the couch. The smoke of cigarettes coughed out of his lungs as i picked him up.
"Good thing i dont drink Bob. i get to kick ur ass to bed everytime u slosh!"

he grinned as he fell onto the creaky large bed and filled it with his snores

I stood in the darkness. at the window alone. staring at the cold rain caressing the fading skyline amidst the darkness. It felt different that day. As if it wanted to tell me something. I should have known.


"With the destruction of the family, family order (dharma) and eternal order (dharma) are lost. The whole family transforms itself into adharma (disorder or irreligiousness)."
[Chapter 1 Verse 40]


To be contd.....

*This is purely a work of fiction and unlike other works on my blog, does not have any resemblace to my life or anyone else's life that i know of.

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