Friday, August 14, 2009

To a road less travelled

Pic: Going with the gravity. The rock waterfall trail down the fort.
It didn't take much. Just a weekend, a few calls to some old old friends and the will to go just anywhere the road took us. No plans. No reservations. No formalities. It's surprsing how anything you do with friends who are comfortable with your crazy side just turns out to be way more amazing than expected.

Pic: Water-fallinngg!!!! ah joy!
We trekked out to sudhagad fort - the other way round. Not the path that tourists take, but through the jungles, the rock faces and the waterfalls. One hell of a trek -all the way up, the overnight stay at the temple of the fort and the perilious way down. Catching an Indian Rock Python in the wild was obviously a topping on the madness of the whole journey. And so was getting lost in the fog at night. And finally the attempt to cross a river without a safety line. All in all, if a sane person or most of the other people i know had been on this trip, it would have been a hell less fun. The "ah no", "yeh nahi", "woh nahi", "this is too uncomfortable", "cant you behave yourself", "are you nuts???"etc etc etc. Pisses me off!

Pic: Going up the crazy rock walls.
The thing is, it feels good to be back. Back to the old madeness of being yourself. Feels good to know that you are still the crazy creature you always were - and that your friends have remained the same too. Its god, no, GREAt to know that your friends, are still your crazy friends, no matter how whacked out insane you may be.

Cheers guys!
To many more insane trips and escapades ahead!
-Pushkaraj Shirke

Pic: The Indian Rock Python. Which btw, we didn't harm. Just caught it, studied it, made a video of and let go back into the wild :) we named him 'Cutie' :)

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