Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the world's broken once again

as i sit by the road
the road i've walked a lifetime,
tired an weary, i crumble to the floor
the empty bottle's burnt my throat
but i feel it no more.
i'm alone with my tears as i stumble in the dark
i feel there's no tomorrow
there's no need to hide my sorrow
the world i built around me,
just an empty bottle,
that world's broken once again.

when i was little
there was that day
a much loved toy gave way
in pieces it lay and i then thought
my world has broken away.
but then it healed and grew anew.
until the day i fell in love.
and as she laughed, standing me at the doorway
i didn't let my tears flow
until i stood out in the rain again
then i crumbled and sank
down at the bottom i thought again
my world has truly broken.

then for a hundred reasons,
as i trodded and i tumbled,
everytime it went a little darker
i thought it was over
it felt like the world was over.
like the world was broken, once again.

but everytime it was healed,
and somehow brought together,
with my hands that were in splinters
burnt with welding embers.
harder everytime than it was before
but atleast it stayed together...

this time it is different
i know that it is over
the pieces wont stick together
and my hands won't hold the shards forever
for they hurt me more than ever
and i can't help...
i can't kelp keep my world together
as its not only my world's that broken,
not oly those pieces that have shattered,
but so have I.

but on the outside for the people,
its like it always was forever,
they think i'll put it back together,
my world's just broken, once again.
my world's just broken once again.

-Pushkaraj Shirke

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