Monday, December 26, 2011

the girl with the dragon tattoo

monkeyrating: 7/10
i would have given it an 8 but i cancelled one star for the movie being a serving bitch to commercialist shit like mc donalds and marlboro.

waddabout: a sharp but recently defamed journalist invstigates a murder that took place 20 years ago with the help of a talented but psychologically disturbed assistant.

isay: people need to stop cmparing a book to a movie - they are 2 different mediums. this movie is awesome and a must watch. yes, it has sneaked in advertisments that go against the nature of the characters in the book, but hey, its a movie. just watch it.
if you still want to insist on saying that the book is great and the movie sucks - you know what? go stick to reading and dont watch movies.

monkeyrespect to: STEIG LARSON, for a briliant book and incredible characters!
ROONEY MARA - the girl kicks asss in her performance! i could have never imagined her to fit this role - but she did - and HOW!
TRENT REZNOR - there's a reason why fincher always works with him - THE MAN, AND HIS MUSIC, IS AWESOME. you can feel him behind the scenes whispering to you what the feel of the scene is! its his beats that have to gripped to every scene in the movie.
and of course - master DAVID FINCHER - the man is incredible. i have seen the swedish version of the film - and it seems like a documentary compared to this one. fincher's touch is sheer adrenaline! he always only remakes books into movies, but that's his niche and he's got it bang on!

watch the trailer: 
actualy, the first trailer - coz it is perfect - dosent tell you the story, but gives you the mood to be in -

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